Université de Fribourg

Comparative mutant analysis of Arabidopsis ABCC-type ABC transporters: AtMRP2 contributes to detoxification, vacuolar organic anion transport and chlorophyll degradation

Frelet-Barrand, Annie ; Kolukisaoglu, H. Üner ; Plaza, Sonia ; Rüffer, Maika ; Azevedo, Louis ; Hörtensteiner, Stefan ; Marinova, Krasimira ; Weder, Barbara ; Schulz, Burkhard ; Klein, Markus

In: Plant and Cell Physiology, 2008, vol. 

The enormous metabolic plasticity of plants allows detoxification of many harmful compounds that are generated during biosynthetic processes or are present as biotic or abiotic toxins in their environment. Derivatives of toxic compounds such as glutathione conjugates are moved into the central vacuole via ATP-binding cassette (ABC)-type transporters of the multidrug resistance-associated protein...