Université de Neuchâtel

Sphenoderiidae (fam. nov.), a New Clade of Euglyphid Testate Amoebae Characterized by Small, Round Scales Surrounding the Aperture

Chatelain, Auriel P ; Meisterfeld, Ralf ; Roussel-Delif, Ludovic ; Lara, Enrique

In: Protist, 2013, vol. 164, no. 6, p. 782-792

Euglyphid testate amoebae are a highly conspicuous group of Cercozoa whose systematics is based mainly on the shape and ultrastructure of the shell. However, only a couple of species have been studied with molecular methods. As a consequence, there are still some genera whose classification remains uncertain. Amongst those are Sphenoderia and Trachelocorythion, two genera with...

Université de Neuchâtel

Stage 0 sporulation gene A as a molecular marker to study diversity of endospore-forming Firmicutes

Wunderlin, Tina ; Junier, Thomas ; Roussel-Delif, Ludovic ; Jeanneret, Nicole ; Junier, Pilar

In: Environmental Microbiology Reports, 2013, vol. 5, no. 6, p. 911-924

In this study, we developed and validated a cultureindependent method for diversity surveys to specifically detect endospore-forming Firmicutes. The global transcription regulator of sporulation (spo0A) was identified as a gene marker for endosporeforming Firmicutes. To enable phylogenetic classification, we designed a set of primers amplifying a 602 bp fragment of spo0A that we...

Université de Neuchâtel

Quantification of Endospore-Forming Firmicutes by Quantitative PCR with the Functional Gene spo0A

Bueche, Matthieu ; Wunderlin, Tina ; Roussel-Delif, Ludovic ; Junier, Thomas ; Sauvain, Loïc ; Jeanneret, Nicole ; Junier, Pilar

In: Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2013, vol. 79, no. 17, p. 5302-5312

Bacterial endospores are highly specialized cellular forms that allow endospore-forming Firmicutes (EFF) to tolerate harsh environmental conditions. EFF are considered ubiquitous in natural environments, in particular, those subjected to stress conditions. In addition to natural habitats, EFF are often the cause of contamination problems in anthropogenic environments, such as industrial...

Université de Neuchâtel

Plant and soil microbe interactions in controlled conditions : rhizosphere protozoa and bacterial community structure

Roussel-Delif, Ludovic ; Aragno, Michel (Dir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Université de Neuchâtel, 2008 ; Th. 2068.

Plants influence the soil system by the large proportion of photosynthesized matters translocated to the roots and secreted into the soil. This root exudation provides an abundant energy source for rhizosphere living microorganisms. Plants are also strongly affected, positively and negatively, by the presence of soil microbiota, particularly bacteria, protozoa and fungi. Throughout the...