Université de Neuchâtel

Variability and Action Mechanism of a Family of Anticomplement Proteins in Ixodes ricinus

Couvreur, Bernard ; Beaufays, Jérôme ; Charon, Cédric ; Lahaye, Kathia ; Gensale, François ; Denis, Valérie ; Charloteaux, Benoît ; Decrem, Yves ; Prévôt, Pierre-Paul ; Brossard, Michel ; Vanhamme, Luc ; Godfroid, Edmond

In: PLoS One, 2008, vol. 3, no. 1, p. e1400 1-24

Background : Ticks are blood feeding arachnids that characteristically take a long blood meal. They must therefore counteract host defence mechanisms such as hemostasis, inflammation and the immune response. This is achieved by expressing batteries of salivary proteins coded by multigene families. Methodology/Principal Findings : We report the in-depth analysis of...