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    Université de Fribourg

    Interaction of the hydrogen sulfide system with the oxytocin system in the injured mouse heart

    Merz, Tamara ; Lukaschewski, Britta ; Wigger, Daniela ; Rupprecht, Aileen ; Wepler, Martin ; Gröger, Michael ; Hartmann, Clair ; Whiteman, Matthew ; Szabo, Csaba ; Wang, Rui ; Waller, Christiane ; Radermacher, Peter ; McCook, Oscar

    In: Intensive Care Medicine Experimental, 2018, vol. 6, no. 1, p. 41

    Both the hydrogen sulfide/cystathionine-γ-lyase (H2S/CSE) and oxytocin/oxytocin receptor (OT/OTR) systems have been reported to be cardioprotective. H2S can stimulate OT release, thereby affecting blood volume and pressure regulation. Systemic hyper-inflammation after blunt chest trauma is enhanced in cigarette smoke (CS)-exposed CSE−/− mice compared to wildtype (WT). CS increases...