Université de Fribourg

Interspecific hybridization in the genus Hieracium s. str.: evidence for bidirectional gene flow and spontaneous allopolyploidization

Mráz, Patrik ; Chrtek, Jindřich ; Fehrer, Judith

In: Plant Systematics and Evolution, 2011, vol. 293, p. 237–245

Although reticulation has indisputably played an important role in the evolutionary history of the genus Hieracium s. str. (Asteraceae), convincingly documented cases of recent interspecific hybridization are very rare. Here we report combined evidence on recent hybridization between two diploid species, Hieracium alpinum and H. transsilvanicum. The hybrid origin of...

Université de Fribourg

Loss of genetic diversity in isolated populations of an alpine endemic Pilosella alpicola subsp. ullepitschii : effect of long-term vicariance or long-distance

Šingliarová, B. ; Chrtek, J. ; Mráz, Patrik

In: Plant Systematics and Evolution, 2008, vol. 275, no. 3-4, p. 181-191

Pilosella alpicola subsp. ullepitschii (Asteraceae) is a strictly allogamous, diploid Carpathian endemic. Its distribution range comprises two areas separated by about 600 km. While in the Western Carpathians (Slovakia and Poland) the taxon occurs in numerous sites, only four localities of man-made origin are known from the Eastern and Southern Carpathians (Romania). We used allozyme markers to...