Université de Fribourg

Sympatric bromeliad species (Pitcairnia spp.) facilitate tests of mechanisms involved in species cohesion and reproductive isolation in Neotropical inselbergs

Palma-Silva, Clarisse ; Wendt, T. ; Pinheiro, Fábio ; Barbará, Thelma ; Fay, Michael F. ; Cozzolino, Salvatore ; Lexer, Christian

In: Molecular Ecology, 2011, vol. 20, no. 15, p. 3185–3201

The roles of intra- and interspecific gene flow in speciation and species evolution are topics of great current interest in molecular ecology and evolutionary biology. Recent modelling studies call for new empirical data to test hypotheses arising from the recent shift from a ‘whole-genome reproductive isolation’ view to a ‘genic’ view of species and speciation. Particularly scarce (and...

Université de Fribourg

Range-wide patterns of nuclear and chloroplast DNA diversity in Vriesea gigantea (Bromeliaceae), a neotropical forest species

Palma-Silva, Clarisse ; Lexer, Christian ; Paggi, G. M. ; Barbará, Thelma ; Bered, F. ; Bodanese-Zanettini, M. H.

In: Heredity, 2009, vol. 103, p. 503–512

The processes that have shaped the extraordinary species diversity in neotropical rainforests are poorly understood, and knowledge about the patterns of genetic diversity across species' ranges is scarce, in contrast to other regions of the globe. We have conducted a range-wide study of genetic diversity in a plant endemic to the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest, Vriesea gigantea (Bromeliaceae),...