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    Université de Fribourg

    Mating system variation and assortative mating of sympatric bromeliads (Pitcairnia spp.) endemic to neotropical inselbergs

    Palma-Silva, Clarisse ; Cozzolino, Salvatore ; Paggi, Gecele Matos ; Lexer, Christian ; Wendt, Tânia

    In: American Journal of Botany, 2015, vol. 102, no. 5, p. 758–764

    Premise of the study: The mating system is an important component of the complex set of reproductive isolation barriers causing plant speciation. However, empirical evidence showing that the mating system may promote reproductive isolation in co-occurring species is limited. The mechanisms by which the mating system can act as a reproductive isolation barrier are also largely unknown. Methods:...