Université de Fribourg

First quantitative survey delineates the distribution of chimpanzees in the Eastern Central African Republic

Aebischer, Thierry ; Siguindo, Guy ; Rochat, Estelle ; Arandjelovic, Mimi ; Heilman, Amy ; Hickisch, Raffael ; Vigilant, Linda ; Joost, Stéphane ; Wegmann, Daniel

In: Biological Conservation, 2017, vol. 213, no. Part A, p. 84–94

Vast, pristine ecosystems and their biodiversity are vanishing globally at frightening speed, but many large tracts of wilderness have not yet been systematically inventoried and important natural populations of threatened species remain poorly characterized. The forest-savanna ecotone of the Eastern Central African Republic (CAR) is one such poorly studied area. Using camera traps, transect...