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High-level transgene expression by homologous recombination-mediated gene transfer

Grandjean, Mélanie ; Girod, Pierre-Alain ; Calabrese, David ; Kostyrko, Kaja ; Wicht, Marianne ; Yerly, Florence ; Mazza, Christian ; Beckmann, Jacques S. ; Martinet, Danielle ; Mermod, Nicolas

In: Nucleic Acid Research, 2011, vol. 39, no. 15, p. e104

Gene transfer and expression in eukaryotes is often limited by a number of stably maintained gene copies and by epigenetic silencing effects. Silencing may be limited by the use of epigenetic regulatory sequences such as matrix attachment regions (MAR). Here, we show that successive transfections of MAR-containing vectors allow a synergistic increase of transgene expression. This finding is...

Université de Fribourg

Nuclear factor I revealed as family of promoter binding transcription activators

Pjanic, Milos ; Pjanic, Petar ; Schmid, Christoph ; Ambrosini, Giovanna ; Gaussin, Armelle ; Plasari, Genta ; Mazza, Christian ; Bucher, Philipp ; Mermod, Nicolas

In: BMC Genomics, 2011, vol. 12, p. 181

Background: Multiplex experimental assays coupled to computational predictions are being increasingly employed for the simultaneous analysis of many specimens at the genome scale, which quickly generates very large amounts of data. However, inferring valuable biological information from the comparisons of very large genomic datasets still represents an enormous challenge.Results: As a study...

Université de Fribourg

Stochastic Models and Numerical Algorithms for a Class of Regulatory Gene Networks

Fournier, Thomas ; Gabriel, Jean-Pierre ; Mazza, Christian ; Pasquier, Jérôme ; Galbete, José ; Mermod, Nicolas

In: Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 2009, p. -

Regulatory gene networks contain generic modules, like those involving feedback loops, which are essential for the regulation of many biological functions (Guido et al. in Nature 439:856–860, 2006). We consider a class of self-regulated genes which are the building blocks of many regulatory gene networks, and study the steady-state distribution of the associated Gillespie algorithm by providing...

Université de Fribourg

Steady-state expression of self-regulated genes

Fournier, Thomas ; Gabriel, Jean-Pierre ; Mazza, Christian ; Pasquier, Jérôme ; Galbete, J.L. ; Mermod, Nicolas

In: Bioinformatics, 2007, vol. 23, no. 23, p. 3185-3192

Motivation: Regulatory gene networks contain generic modules such as feedback loops that are essential for the regulation of many biological functions. The study of the stochastic mechanisms of gene regulation is instrumental for the understanding of how cells maintain their expression at levels commensurate with their biological role, as well as to engineer gene expression switches of...

Université de Fribourg

Statistical significance of quantitative PCR

Karlen, Yann ; McNair, Alan ; Perseguers, Sébastien ; Mazza, Christian ; Mermod, Nicolas

In: BMC Bioinformatics, 2007, vol. 8, p. 131

Background: PCR has the potential to detect and precisely quantify specific DNA sequences, but it is not yet often used as a fully quantitative method. A number of data collection and processing strategies have been described for the implementation of quantitative PCR. However, they can be experimentally cumbersome, their relative performances have not been evaluated systematically, and they...