Université de Neuchâtel

History or ecology? Substrate type as a major driver of patial genetic structure in Alpine plants

Alvarez, Nadir ; Thiel-Egenter, Conny ; Tribsch, Andreas ; Holderegger, Rolf ; Manel, Stéphanie ; Schönswetter, Peter ; Taberlet, Pierre ; Brodbeck, Sabine ; Gaudeul, Myriam ; Gielly, Ludovic ; Küpfer, Philippe ; Mansion, Guilhem ; Negrini, Riccardo ; Paun, Ovidiu ; Pellecchia, Marco ; Rioux, Delphine ; Schüpfer, Fanny ; Van Loo, Marcela ; Winkler, Manuela ; Gugerli, Felix ; IntraBioDiv Consortium

In: Ecology Letters, 2009, vol. 12, no. 7, p. 632-640

Climatic history and ecology are considered the most important factors moulding the spatial pattern of genetic diversity. With the advent of molecular markers, species' historical fates have been widely explored. However, it has remained speculative what role ecological factors have played in shaping spatial genetic structures within species. With an unprecedented, dense large-scale sampling and...