Université de Fribourg

Valence band structure of the Si(331)-(12 × 1) surface reconstruction

Battaglia, Corsin ; Schwier, Eike Fabian ; Monney, Claude ; Didiot, Clément ; Mariotti, Nicolas ; Gaál-Nagy, Katalin ; Onida, Giovanni ; Garnier, Michael Gunnar ; Aebi, Philipp

In: Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 2011, vol. 23, no. 13, p. 135003

Using angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy we investigate the electronic valence band structure of the Si(331)-(12 × 1) surface reconstruction for which we recently proposed a structural model containing silicon pentamers as elementary structural building blocks. We find that this surface, reported to be metallic in a previous study, shows a clear band gap at the Fermi energy, indicating...

Université de Neuchâtel

Fermi-surface-induced lattice distortion in NbTe2

Battaglia, Corsin ; Cercellier, Hervé ; Clerc, Florian ; Despont, Laurent ; Garnier, Michael Gunnar ; Koitzsch, Christian ; Aebi, Philipp ; Berger, Helmuth ; Forró, László ; Ambrosch-Draxl, Claudia

In: Physical Review B, 2005, vol. 72, no. 195114, p. 1-10

The origin of the monoclinic distortion and domain formation in the quasi-two-dimensional layer compound NbTe2 is investigated. Angle-resolved photoemission shows that the Fermi surface is pseudogapped over large portions of the Brillouin zone. Ab initio calculation of the electron and phonon band structure as well as the static RPA susceptibility lead us to conclude that Fermi...