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Université de Fribourg

Isomerization and aggregation of 2-(2-(2-hydroxy-4-nitrophenyl)hydrazono)-1-phenylbutane-1,3-dione: Recent evidences from theory and experiment

Hristova, Silvia ; Kamounah, Fadhil S. ; Crochet, Aurelien ; Hansen, Poul Erik ; Fromm, Katharina M. ; Nedeltcheva, Daniela ; Antonov, Liudmil

In: Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2019, vol. 283, p. 242–248

The title compound potentially can exist as four isomers in solution. Recently Lycka has proposed a protocol for distinguishing two of them based on 15N NMR. This approach has been confirmed theoretically, in the current study, and further developed into a logical scheme that allows the existence of each of the isomers to be proven in solution. The experimental data, obtained by NMR and...

Université de Fribourg

A hydrofluoric acid-free method to dissolve and quantify silica nanoparticles in aqueous and solid matrices

Bossert, David ; Urban, Dominic A. ; Maceroni, Mattia ; Ackermann-Hirschi, Liliane ; Haeni, Laetitia ; Yajan, Phattadon ; Spuch-Calvar, Miguel ; Rothen-Rutishauser, Barbara ; Rodriguez-Lorenzo, Laura ; Petri-Fink, Alke ; Schwab, Fabienne

In: Scientific Reports, 2019, vol. 9, no. 1, p. 7938

As the commercial use of synthetic amorphous silica nanomaterials (SiO2-NPs) increases, their effects on the environment and human health have still not been explored in detail. An often-insurmountable obstacle for SiO2-NP fate and hazard research is the challenging analytics of solid particulate silica species, which involves toxic and corrosive hydrofluoric acid (HF). We therefore developed...

Université de Fribourg

Beware z-scores

Song, Chuliang ; Rohr, Rudolf P. ; Saavedra, Serguei

In: Journal of Animal Ecology, 2019, vol. 88, no. 5, p. 808–809

Song, Rohr, and Saavedra (2017) have proposed a methodology to compare network properties across systems with different sizes and constraints, in response to the fact that z‐scores cannot be used for such purposes. Simmons, Hoeppke, and Sutherland (2019) have shown that part of the methodology can be improved. Here, we show that all previous results hold and are strengthened by the new...

Université de Fribourg

VAPYRIN Marks an endosomal trafficking compartment involved in arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis

Bapaume, Laure ; Laukamm, Sabine ; Darbon, Geoffrey ; Monney, Corinne ; Meyenhofer, Felix ; Feddermann, Nadja ; Chen, Min ; Reinhardt, Didier

In: Frontiers in Plant Science, 2019, vol. 10, p. -

Arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) is a symbiosis between plants and AM fungi that requires the intracellular accommodation of the fungal partner in the host. For reciprocal nutrient exchange, AM fungi form intracellular arbuscules that are surrounded by the peri-arbuscular membrane. This membrane, together with the fungal plasma membrane, and the space in between, constitute the symbiotic interface,...

Université de Fribourg

Do invasive alien plants differ from non-invasives in dominance and nitrogen uptake in response to variation of abiotic and biotic environments under global anthropogenic change?

Liu, Yuan-Yuan ; Sun, Yan ; Müller-Schärer, Heinz ; Yan, Rong ; Zhou, Zhi-Xiang ; Wang, Yong-Jian ; Yu, Fei-Hai

In: Science of The Total Environment, 2019, vol. 672, p. 634–642

Plant invasion is the outcome of complicated interactions of both biotic and abiotic environments (i.e. eutrophication and human-induced propagules) under global anthropogenic change. Here, we want to know why some alien clonal plant species become invasive and others do not in the introduced range with variations of both abiotic and biotic environments under global anthropogenic change.We...

Université de Fribourg

Predicting climate change impacts on the threatened Quercus arbutifolia in montane cloud forests in southern China and Vietnam: Conservation implications

Song, Yi-Gang ; Petitpierre, Blaise ; Denga, Min ; Wu, Jin-Ping ; Kozlowski, Gregor

In: Forest Ecology and Management, 2019, vol. 444, p. 269–279

Trees of montane cloud forests (MCFs) often have small and isolated populations and face numerous threats. Due to limited conservation resources, management decisions are often based on scarce biological information. This study investigated the current status of populations of the critically endangered oak species Quercus arbutifolia in southern China, including its distribution, threats,...

Université de Fribourg

Ciliary neurotrophic factor stimulates cardioprotection and the proliferative activity in the adult zebrafish heart

Bise, Thomas ; de Preux Charles, Anne-Sophie ; Jaźwińska, Anna

In: npj Regenerative Medicine, 2019, vol. 4, no. 1, p. 2

Unlike mammals, adult zebrafish can regenerate their hearts after injury via proliferation of cardiomyocytes. The cell-cycle entry of zebrafish cardiac cells can also be stimulated through preconditioning by thoracotomy, a chest incision without myocardial damage. To identify effector genes of heart preconditioning, we performed transcriptome analysis of ventricles from thoracotomized...

Université de Fribourg

Injured axons instruct schwann cells to build constricting actin spheres to accelerate axonal disintegration

Vaquié, Adrien ; Sauvain, Alizée ; Duman, Mert ; Nocera, Gianluigi ; Egger, Boris ; Meyenhofer, Felix ; Falquet, Laurent ; Bartesaghi, Luca ; Chrast, Roman ; Lamy, Christophe Maurice ; Bang, Seokyoung ; Lee, Seung-Ryeol ; Jeon, Noo Li ; Ruff, Sophie ; Jacob, Claire

In: Cell Reports, 2019, vol. 27, no. 11, p. 3152-3166.e7

After a peripheral nerve lesion, distal ends of injured axons disintegrate into small fragments that are subsequently cleared by Schwann cells and later by macrophages. Axonal debris clearing is an early step of the repair process that facilitates regeneration. We show here that Schwann cells promote distal cut axon disintegration for timely clearing. By combining cell-based and in vivo...

Université de Fribourg

Evolution of gene expression during a transition from environmental to genetic sex determination

Molinier, Cécile ; Reisser, Céline M O ; Fields, Peter D ; Ségard, Adeline ; Galimov, Yan ; Haag, Christoph R

In: Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2019, vol. 36, no. 7, p. 1551–1564

Genetic sex determination (GSD) can evolve from environmental sex determination (ESD) via an intermediate state in which both coexist in the same population. Such mixed populations are found in the crustacean Daphnia magna, where non-male producers (NMP, genetically determined females) coexist with male producers (MP), in which male production is environmentally inducible and can also...

Université de Fribourg

A substrate of the ABC transporter PEN3 stimulates bacterial flagellin (flg22)-induced callose deposition in Arabidopsis thaliana

Matern, Andreas ; Böttcher, Christoph ; Eschen-Lippold, Lennart ; Westermann, Bernhard ; Smolka, Ulrike ; Döll, Stefanie ; Trempel, Fabian ; Aryal, Bibek ; Scheel, Dierk ; Geisler, Markus ; Rosahl, Sabine

In: Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2019, vol. 294, no. 17, p. 6857–6870

Nonhost resistance of Arabidopsis thaliana against Phytophthora infestans, a filamentous eukaryotic microbe and the causal agent of potato late blight, is based on a multilayered defense system. Arabidopsis thaliana controls pathogen entry through the penetration-resistance genes PEN2 and PEN3, encoding an atypical myrosinase and an ABC transporter, respectively, required for synthesis and...