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Université de Fribourg

A substrate of the ABC transporter PEN3 stimulates bacterial flagellin (flg22)-induced callose deposition in Arabidopsis thaliana

Matern, Andreas ; Böttcher, Christoph ; Eschen-Lippold, Lennart ; Westermann, Bernhard ; Smolka, Ulrike ; Döll, Stefanie ; Trempel, Fabian ; Aryal, Bibek ; Scheel, Dierk ; Geisler, Markus ; Rosahl, Sabine

In: Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2019, vol. 294, no. 17, p. 6857–6870

Nonhost resistance of Arabidopsis thaliana against Phytophthora infestans, a filamentous eukaryotic microbe and the causal agent of potato late blight, is based on a multilayered defense system. Arabidopsis thaliana controls pathogen entry through the penetration-resistance genes PEN2 and PEN3, encoding an atypical myrosinase and an ABC transporter, respectively, required for synthesis and...

Université de Fribourg

TASmania: A bacterial Toxin-Antitoxin Systems database

Akarsu, Hatice ; Bordes, Patricia ; Mansour, Moise ; Bigot, Donna-Joe ; Genevaux, Pierre ; Falquet, Laurent

In: PLOS Computational Biology, 2019, vol. 15, no. 4, p. e1006946

Bacterial Toxin-Antitoxin systems (TAS) are involved in key biological functions including plasmid maintenance, defense against phages, persistence and virulence. They are found in nearly all phyla and classified into 6 different types based on the mode of inactivation of the toxin, with the type II TAS being the best characterized so far. We have herein developed a new in silico discovery...

Université de Fribourg

Targeting GATA transcription factors – a novel strategy for anti-aging interventions?

Zimmermann, Andreas ; Kainz, Katharina ; Hofer, Sebastian J. ; Bauer, Maria A. ; Schroeder, Sabrina ; Dengjel, Jörn ; Pietrocola, Federico ; Kepp, Oliver ; Ruckenstuhl, Christoph ; Eisenberg, Tobias ; Sigrist, Stephan J. ; Madeo, Frank ; Kroemer, Guido ; Carmona-Gutierrez, Didac

In: Microbial Cell, 2019, vol. 6, no. 5, p. 212–216

GATA transcription factors (TFs) constitute a conserved family of zinc-finger TFs that fulfill diverse functions across eukaryotes. Accumulating evidence suggests that GATA TFs also play a role in lifespan regulation. In a recent study, we identified a natural polyphenol, 4,4’-dimethoxychalcone (DMC), that extends lifespan depending on reduced activity of distinct GATA TFs. Prolonged...

Université de Fribourg

Vitis methods to understand and develop strategies for diagnosis and sustainable control of grapevine trunk diseases

Reis, P. ; Pierron, R. ; Larignon, P. ; Lecomte, P. ; Abou-Mansour, Eliane ; Farine, S. ; Bertsch, C. ; Jacques, A. ; Trotel-Aziz, P. ; Rego, C. ; Fontaine, F.

In: Phytopathology, 2019, vol. 109, no. 6, p. 916–931

Vitis vinifera is affected by many diseases every year, depending on causal agents, susceptibility of cultivars, and climate region. Some are caused by a single agent, such as gray mold caused by Botrytis cinerea or powdery mildew caused by Erysiphe necator. Others result from the actions of a complex of pathogens such as grapevine trunk diseases (GTDs). GTDs are presently among the most...

Public access from Sep 1, 2019
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Erratum to: Volume of a doubly truncated hyperbolic tetrahedron

Kolpakov, Alexander ; Murakami, Jun

In: Aequationes mathematicae, 2014, vol. 88, no. 1-2, p. 199-200

Public access from Nov 1, 2019
Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Static versus dynamic analysis of the influence of gravity on concentration non-equilibrium fluctuations

Croccolo, Fabrizio ; Bataller, Henri ; Scheffold, Frank

In: The European Physical Journal E, 2014, vol. 37, no. 11, p. 1-5

Public access from Sep 1, 2019
Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Low-Power Upconversion in Poly(Mannitol-Sebacate) Networks with Tethered Diphenylanthracene and Palladium Porphyrin

Lee, Soo-Hyon ; Sonseca, Águeda ; Vadrucci, Roberto ; Giménez, Enrique ; Foster, E. ; Simon, Yoan

In: Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, 2014, vol. 24, no. 5, p. 898-903