National Licences

National Licences
National Licences
The national licences of the Consortium of Swiss academic libraries provide the Swiss population with access to selected digital journal archives (see: According to the terms of the agreements, the members of Swiss institutions have the right to publish their research articles after an embargo time in the published version (Green Open Access). RERO DOC undertakes the central webhosting of these research articles.

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Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Optimal investments in volatility

Hafner, Reinhold ; Wallmeier, Martin

In: Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, 2008, vol. 22, no. 2, p. 147-167

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Self-organized model of cascade spreading

Gualdi, S. ; Medo, M. ; Zhang, Y.-C

In: The European Physical Journal B, 2011, vol. 79, no. 1, p. 91-98

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries


Meier, Andreas ; Heilmann, Heidi

In: HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2012, vol. 49, no. 5, p. 118-121

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Characterizing vibrational motion beyond internal coordinates

Hug, Werner ; Fedorovsky, Maxim

In: Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, 2008, vol. 119, no. 1-3, p. 113-131