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Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Use of potentially abusive psychotropic substances in psychiatric inpatients

Modestin, Jiri ; Nussbaumer, Christine ; Angst, Kathrin ; Scheidegger, Paul ; Hell, Daniel

In: European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, 1997, vol. 247, no. 3, p. 146-153

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Low specificity of the bacterial index for the diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia by bronchoalveolar lavage

Speich, R. ; Hauser, M. ; Hess, T. ; Wüst, J. ; Grebski, E. ; Kayser, F. ; Russi, E.

In: European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 1998, vol. 17, no. 2, p. 78-84