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Il supporto alla continuità scolastica nella cura multidisciplinare dei pazienti con patologie gravi: Esperienze in oncologia pediatrica

Giovanetti, Monica ; Clerici, Carlo Alfredo ; Veneroni, Laura ; Casiraghi, Giovanna ; Pagani Bagliacca, Elena ; Ferrari, Andrea ; Podda, Marta ; Chopard, Saba ; Massimino, Maura

In: Recenti Progressi in Medicina, 2019, vol. 110, no. 3, p. 131-137

Dealing with a serious illness always implies, and particularly for a child, important physical and psychological stresses. If on the one hand, the adult could have adaption’s resources which allow him to deal with the illness’s implications, on the other hand, for a child, the interference of the disease with growing steps may cause serious problems. For this reason, the clinicians and ...

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Gestione della conflittualità e della separazione genitoriale: esperienze in oncologia pediatrica

Chopard, Saba ; Veneroni, Laura ; Casiraghi, Giovanna ; Cecatiello, Armando ; Massimino, Maura ; Clerici, Carlo Alfredo

In: Recenti Progressi in Medicina, 2018, vol. 109, p. 342-349

Divorces and separations have become more fre- quent over the last 20 years and for this reason they are issues of great importance with possible effects on medical treatments. Conflicts between the adults frequently affect the children involved in the separation of their parents. If, on the one hand, the parental conflict is a hard and distressing experience for the whole family, on the...

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Magie che curano : Tecniche illusionistiche a supporto della comunicazione e della relazione tra clinici e pazienti bambini e adolescenti

Clerici, Carlo Alfredo ; Mittino, Filippo ; Ferrari, Andrea ; Silva, Matteo ; Pagani Bagliacca, Elena ; Veneroni, Laura ; Di Pumpo, Stefano ; Chopard, Saba

In: Recenti Progressi in Medicina, 2020, vol. 111, no. 2, p. 102-107

In the training of the doctors, even specialists, training courses are generally not available for communication and for the relationship with patients in developmental age. Some techniques such as illusionistic techniques are increasingly described in the scientific literature as tools that can be used in the areas of care and rehabilitation. In this work, clinical experiences are presented ...