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Université de Fribourg

Transcutaneous aortic valve implantation using the carotid artery access: Feasibility and clinical outcomes

Kallinikou, Zacharenia ; Berger, Alexandre ; Ruchat, Patrick ; Khatchatourov, Gregory ; Fleisch, Isabelle ; Korkodelovic, Branislav ; Henchoz, Emmanuel ; Marti, René-Andréas ; Cook, Stéphane ; Togni, Mario ; Goy, Jean-Jacques

In: Archives of Cardiovascular Diseases, 2017, vol. 110, no. 6, p. 389–394

Background: Transcarotid access is an alternative route for transcutaneous aortic valve implantation (TAVI) in patients with impossible transfemoral access.Aims: We evaluated the safety, effectiveness and early and late clinical outcomes of CoreValve® implantation via the common carotid artery.Methods: Eighteen patients (10 men, 8 women; mean age 84 ± 5 years) at high surgical risk (mean...

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Septal myectomy: cut, coil, or boil?

Togni, Mario ; Billinger, Michael ; Cook, Stephane ; Hess, Otto M.

In: European Heart Journal, 2008, vol. 29, no. 3, p. 296-298

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Optical coherence tomography findings in renal denervation

Cook, Stéphane ; Goy, Jean-Jacques ; Togni, Mario

In: European Heart Journal, 2012, vol. 33, no. 23, p. 2992-2992