Université de Neuchâtel

Bacterial communities in trace metal contaminated lake sediments are dominated by endospore-forming bacteria

Sauvain, Loïc ; Bueche, Matthieu ; Junier, Thomas ; Masson, Matthieu ; Wunderlin, Tina ; Kohler-Milleret, Roxane ; Gascon Diez, Elena ; Loizeau, Jean-Luc ; Tercier-Waeber, Mary-Lou ; Junier, Pilar

In: Aquatic sciences, 2014, vol. 76, no. 1S, p. 33-46

Lake sediments in areas close to the outlet of wastewater treatment plants are sinks for pollutants. Bacterial communities in sediments are likely affected by the released effluents, but in turn they might modify the distribution and bioavailability of pollutants. On the shore of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, wastewater from the City of Lausanne is treated and discharged into the lake via an outlet...

Université de Neuchâtel

Integrated Microanalytical System for Simultaneous Voltammetric Measurements of Free Metal Ion Concentrations in Natural Waters

Noël, Stéphane ; Tercier-Waeber, Mary-Lou ; Lin, Lin ; Buffle, Jacques ; Guenat, Olivier ; Koudelka-Hep, Milena

In: Electroanalysis, 2006, vol. 18, no. 21, p. 2061-2069

A complexing gel integrated microelectrode (CGIME) for direct measurements of free metal ion concentrations in natural waters has been developed. It is prepared by the successive deposition of microlayers of a chelating resin, an antifouling agarose gel and Hg on a 100-interconnected Ir-based microelectrode array. The trace metals of interest are in a first step accumulated on the chelating resin...