Université de Neuchâtel

Characterizing the vulnerability of frequent emergency department users by applying a conceptual framework: a controlled, cross-sectional study

Bodenmann, Patrick ; Baggio, Stéphanie ; Iglesias, Katia ; Althaus, Fabrice ; Velonaki, Venetia-Sofia ; Stucki, Stephanie ; Ansermet, Corine ; Paroz, Sophie ; Trueb, Lionel ; Hugli, Olivier ; Griffin, Judith L.

In: BMC Emergency Medicine, 2015, vol. 14, no. 146, p. 1-10

Background Frequent emergency department (ED) users meet several of the criteria of vulnerability, but this needs to be further examined taking into consideration all vulnerability’s different dimensions. This study aimed to characterize frequent ED users and to define risk factors of frequent ED use within a universal health care coverage system, applying a conceptual framework of...

Université de Neuchâtel

Screening of mental health and substance users in frequent users of a general Swiss emergency department

Vu, Francis ; Daeppen, Jean-Bernard ; Hugli, Olivier ; Iglesias, Katia ; Stucki, Stephanie ; Paroz, Sophie ; Canepa Allen, Marina ; Bodenmann, Patrick

In: BMC Emergency Medicine, 2015, vol. 15, no. 27, p. 1-9

Background The objectives of this study were to determine the proportions of psychiatric and substance use disorders suffered by emergency departments’ (EDs’) frequent users compared to the mainstream ED population, to evaluate how effectively these disorders were diagnosed in both groups of patients by ED physicians, and to determine if these disorders were predictive of a...