Université de Fribourg

TLR activation excludes circulating naive CD8+ T cells from gut-associated lymphoid organs in mice

Heidegger, Simon ; Kirchner, Sophie-Kathrin ; Stephan, Nicolas ; Bohn, Bernadette ; Suhartha, Nina ; Hotz, Christian ; Anz, David ; Sandholzer, Nadja ; Stecher, Bärbel ; Rüssmann, Holger ; Endres, Stefan ; Bourquin, Carole

In: The Journal of Immunology, 2013, vol. 190, no. 10, p. 5313–5320

The trafficking of effector T cells is tightly regulated by the expression of site-specific sets of homing molecules. In contrast, naive T cells are generally assumed to express a uniform pattern of homing molecules and to follow a random distribution within the blood and secondary lymphoid organs. In this study, we demonstrate that systemic infection fundamentally modifies the trafficking of...