Public access from May 13, 2022
Université de Fribourg

Linking political and feminist ideology with openness towards nonbinary gender : The development and initial validation of a scale to measure subjective Openness towards Non-Binary Gender (ONBG)

Molin, Améthyste ; Simond, Amélie ; Sato, Sayaka ; Jäggi, Tiziana ; Gygax, Pascal Mark ; Meuwly, Nathalie

In: Journal of Gender Studies, 2020, p. 1-14

We present a preliminary validation of a newly built questionnaire aimed at evaluating people’s openness towards the notion of non-binary gender. To explore the validity of our questionnaire, we ran a principal component analysis to evaluate the existence of three overarching dimensions (Gender Categories, Gender Fluidity, and Gender Definitions) that were at the very foundation of our...