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    Université de Lausanne

    The Mont Collon mafic complex (Austroalpine Dent Blanche nappe) : permian evolution of the Western European mantle

    Monjoie, Philippe ; Lapierre, Henriette (Dir.) ; Pfeifer, Hans-Rudolf (Codir.)

    Thèse de doctorat : Université de Lausanne, 2004.

    The early Permian Mont Collon mafic complex (Dent Blanche nappe, Austroalpine nappe system) is one of the best preserved examples of the Permian mafic magmatism in the Western Alps. It is composed of discontinuous exposures and a well-preserved magmatic layering (the Dents de Bertol cliff) crops out in the center part of the complex. It mainly consists of cumulative mafic rocks, which represent...