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6S1/2-6P1/2 transition of Cs atoms in cubic and hexagonal solid ⁴He

Hofer, Adrian ; Moroshkin, Peter ; Ulzega, Simone ; Nettels, Daniel ; Müller-Siebert, Reinhard ; Weis, Antoine

In: Physical Review A, 2007, vol. 76, no. 2, p. 022502

We present a systematic experimental study of the absorption and fluorescence spectra of the 6S1/2-6P1/2 transition in Cs atoms isolated in solid ⁴He matrices. The bubble model developed earlier for alkali-metal atoms in liquid He is revised and applied to the present system. The analysis of the dependencies of absorption and fluorescence wavelengths on He...

Université de Fribourg

Measurement of the forbidden electric tensor polarizability of Cs atoms trapped in solid ⁴He

Ulzega, Simone ; Hofer, Adrian ; Moroshkin, Peter ; Müller-Siebert, Reinhard ; Nettels, Daniel ; Weis, Antoine

In: Physical Review A, 2007, p. 042505

We have measured the electric tensor polarizabilities of the hyperfine levels of Cs atoms embedded in a body-centered cubic ⁴He crystal. The polarizabilities are inferred from the shift of optically detected magnetic resonance lines in each hyperfine level induced by static electric fields up to 50 kV/cm. We recorded the magnetic resonances both by scanning the rf frequency and in a...

Université de Fribourg

Rb*Hen exciplexes in solid ⁴He

Hofer, Adrian ; Moroshkin, Peter ; Nettels, Daniel ; Ulzega, Simone ; Weis, Antoine

In: Physical Review A, 2006, vol. 74, p. 032509

We report the observation of emission spectra from Rb*Hen exciplexes in solid ⁴He. Two different excitation channels were experimentally identified, viz., exciplex formation via laser excitation to the atomic 5P3/2 and to the 5P1/2 levels. While the former channel was observed before in liquid helium, on helium nanodroplets, and...

Université de Fribourg

Cs*Hen exciplexes in solid ⁴He

Moroshkin, Peter ; Hofer, Adrian ; Nettels, Daniel ; Ulzega, Simone ; Weis, Antoine

In: Journal of Chemical Physics, 2006, vol. 124, p. 024511

We present a theoretical and experimental study of the laser-induced formation process and of the emission spectra of Cs*Hen exciplexes in the hcp and bcc phases of solid helium. Two different exciplex molecules are detected: a linear triatomic Cs*He₂, which can exist in two electronic states: Aπ1/2 and Bπ3/2, and a...

Université de Fribourg

Optical magnetic resonance tomography and laser spectroscopy of cesium atoms trapped in solid helium

Nettels, Daniel ; Weis, Antoine (Dir.) ; Dousse, Jean-Claude (Codir.) ; Wynands, Robert (Codir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Université de Fribourg, 2003 ; no 1432.

The present thesis has resulted from my research work carried out at the University of Bonn and at the University of Fribourg. The thesis can be roughly divided into two distinct parts, which reflect the research carried out in both places. In Bonn I worked on optical magnetic resonance tomography of atoms in the gas phase, while all of my time in Fribourg was devoted to study specific problems...

Université de Fribourg

Discovery of dumbbell-shaped CsHe(n) exciplexes in solid ⁴He

Nettels, Daniel ; Hofer, Adrian ; Moroshkin, Peter ; Müller-Siebert, Reinhard ; Ulzega, Simone ; Weis, Antoine

In: Physical Review Letters, 2005, vol. 94, p. 063001

We have observed several new spectral features in the fluorescence of cesium atoms implanted in the hcp phase of solid helium following laser excitation to the 6²P states. Based on calculations of the emission spectra using semi empirical Cs-He pair potentials the newly discovered lines can be assigned to the decay of specific Cs*He(n) exciplexes: an apple-shaped Cs(AП(3/2))He₂ and a...