Université de Neuchâtel

System-Level Simulation Using Mixed-Nature Models

Boegli, Alexis ; Moser, Vincent ; Amann, Hans Peter ; Pellandini, Fausto ; Romanowicz, Bart ; Lerch, Philippe ; Laudon, Matthew ; Renaud, Philippe

In: Proceedings of the 1st Europe-Asia Congress on Metatronics, 1996, p. 12-17

Miniaturized, integrated sensors and actuaturs are more and more used in microsystem applications. In order to promote their use further, specialists must make them more accessible to System designers. This can be done through behavioral modeling of sensors and actuators. The resulting models can be used in conjunction with models of the associated electronics to simulate a complete microsystem....

Université de Neuchâtel

Behavioural Modelling of Sampled-Data Systems with HDL-A and ABSynth

Moser, Vincent ; Amann, Hans Peter ; Pellandini, Fausto

In: Hardware Description Languages and their Applications, 1997, p. 159-177

In this paper we make use of a mixed analogue-digital HDL to model sampled-data systems. Modelling solutions are presented to code some sampled-data behaviour using either analogue or digital constructs of the language.Two key operations – sampling and shifting – are presented first. Then, these facilities are used to code difference equations. This approach is validated on the example of...

Université de Neuchâtel

Modeling and simulation of electromechanical transducers in microsystems using an analog hardware description language

Romanowicz, Bart ; Laudon, Matthew ; Lerch, Philippe ; Renaud, Philippe ; Amann, Hans-Peter ; Boegli, Alexis ; Moser, Vincent ; Pellandini, Fausto

In: IEEE Proceedings of European Design and Test Conference (ED&TC), 1997, p. 119-123

The analytical modeling and simulation of conservative electrostatic, electromagnetic and electrodynamic transducers found in microsystems using a non-linear lumped-parameter approach is presented in this paper. A comparison is made between this approach and the linearized equivalent circuit method. All models of transducers are written in HDL-ATM, a proprietary analogue hardware description...

Université de Neuchâtel

Generating VHDL-A-like Models Using ABSynth

Moser, Vincent ; Nussbaum, Pascal ; Amann, Hans-Peter ; Astier, Luc ; Pellandini, Fausto

In: IEEE Proceedings of European Design Automation Conference (EURO-DAC) with EURO-VHDL, 1995, p. 522-527

A method for the graphical specification and the automatic generation of analogue behavioural models is presented. This method has been implemented as a new software tool called ABSynth. The behaviour of the component to model is described as a functional diagram, which is then automatically translated into a VHDL-A-like analogue hardware description language. No syntax knowledge is necessary and...

Université de Neuchâtel

A graphical approach to analogue behavioural modelling

Moser, Vincent ; Nussbaum, Pascal ; Amann, Hans-Peter ; Astier, Luc ; Pellandini, Fausto

In: IEEE Proceedings of the European Design and Test Conference (EDTC) ; European Conference on Design Automation (EDAC) ; European Test Conference (ETC) ; European Event in ASIC Design (EUROASIC), 1994, p. 535-539

In order to master the growing complexity of analogue electronic systems, modelling and simulation of analogue hardware at various levels is absolutely necessary. This paper presents an original modelling method based on the graphical description of analogue electronic functional blocks. This method is intended to be automated and integrated into a design framework: specialists create behavioural...

Université de Neuchâtel

Behavioural Modelling of Analogue Systems with Absynth

Moser, Vincent ; Amann, Hans-Peter ; Pellandini, Fausto

In: Analog and mixed signal description languages, Current Issues in Electronic Modeling, 1997, vol. 10, no. 6, p. 103-130

In this paper, we present the computer-aided analogue behavioural modelling tool ABSynth (Analogue Behavioural model Synthesizer). The behaviour to model is expressed graphically in the form of a Functional Diagram (FD) drawn as the interconnection of Graphical Building Symbols (GBS), each of which stands for some elementary analogue behaviour. The functional diagram describes the behaviour of...