Université de Fribourg

Avoiding antisocial behavior among adolescents : The positive influence of classmates’ prosocial behavior

Hofmann, Verena ; Müller, Christoph Michael

In: Journal of Adolescence, 2018, vol. 68, p. 136-145

Introduction. Prior research has shown that classmates’ behavior serves as a descriptive norm for adolescents’ individual behavior. While earlier studies primarily focused on negative peer influence, classmates’ prosocial behavior might be associated with positive individual development. We hypothesized more classroom-level prosocial behavior predicts a lower likelihood of future antisocial...

Université de Fribourg

Effects of Classroom Composition on the Development of Antisocial Behavior in Lower Secondary School

Müller, Christoph Michael ; Hofmann, Verena ; Fleischli, Janine ; Studer, Felix

In: Journal of Research on Adolescence, 2015, vol. 26, p. 345-359

Early adolescence is a critical period during which classroom composition may affect behavioral development. This study investigated whether classmates' levels of aggression and delinquency influenced individual behavior during the first year of secondary school. At this point, students had just transitioned to a new classroom peer environment. A short-term longitudinal design with four...