Université de Fribourg

Study of ³He Rabi nutations by optically-pumped cesium magnetometers

Koch, Hans-Christian ; Bison, Georg ; Grujiæ, Zoran Dragan ; Heil, Werner ; Kasprzak, Malgorzata ; Knowles, Paul ; Kraft, Andreas ; Pazgalev, Anatoly ; Schnabel, Allard ; Voigt, Jens ; Weis, Antoine

In: The European Physical Journal D, 2017, vol. 71, no. 10, p. 262

We describe a method for recording the Rabi nutation of nuclear spin polarized ³He by optically pumped cesium magnetometers. The measurement is performed by detecting the time-dependent magnetic field produced by the 3He magnetization. The observed signals are compared to theoretical models and the results are used to precisely trace the evolution of the magnetization. This procedure...

Université de Fribourg

Losses and depolarization of ultracold neutrons on neutron guide and storage materials

Bondar, V. ; Chesnevskaya, S. ; Daum, M. ; Franke, B. ; Geltenbort, P. ; Göltl, L. ; Gutsmiedl, E. ; Karch, J. ; Kasprzak, Malgorzata ; Kessler, G. ; Kirch, K. ; Koch, Hans-Christian ; Kraft, Andreas ; Lauer, Thorsten ; Lauss, B. ; Pierre, E. ; Pignol, G. ; Reggiani, D. ; Schmidt-Wellenburg, P. ; Sobolev, Yuri ; Zechlau, T. ; Zsigmond, G.

In: Physical Review C, 2017, vol. 96, no. 3, p. 035205

At Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) and Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), we have measured the losses and depolarization probabilities of ultracold neutrons on various materials: (i) nickel-molybdenum alloys with weight percentages of 82/18, 85/15, 88/12, 91/9, and 94/6 and natural nickel Ni100, (ii) nickel-vanadium NiV93/7, (iii) copper, and (iv) deuterated polystyrene (dPS). For the different...

Université de Fribourg

Design and performance of an absolute 3He/Cs magnetometer

Koch, Hans-Christian ; Bison, Georg ; Grujić, Zoran D. ; Heil, Werner ; Kasprzak, Malgorzata ; Knowles, Paul ; Kraft, Andreas ; Pazgalev, Anatoly ; Schnabel, Allard ; Voigt, Jens ; Weis, Antoine

In: The European Physical Journal D, 2015, vol. 69, no. 8, p. 1–12

We report on the design and performance of a highly sensitive combined ³He/Cs magnetometer for the absolute measurement of magnetic fields. The magnetometer relies on the magnetometric detection of the free spin precession of nuclear spin polarized ³He gas by optically pumped cesium magnetometers. We plan to deploy this type of combined magnetometer in an experiment searching for a permanent...

Université de Fribourg

A measurement of the neutron to 199Hg magnetic moment ratio

Afach, S. ; Baker, C. A. ; Ban, G. ; Bison, Georg ; Bodek, K. ; Burghoff, M. ; Chowdhuri, Z. ; Daum, M. ; Fertl, M. ; Franke, B. ; Geltenbort, P. ; Green, K. ; Grinten, M. G. D. van der ; Grujic, Zoran ; Harris, P. G. ; Heil, W. ; Hélaine, V. ; Henneck, R. ; Horras, M. ; Iaydjiev, P. ; Ivanov, S. N. ; Kasprzak, Malgorzata ; Kermaïdic, Y. ; Kirch, K. ; Knecht, A. ; Koch, Hans-Christian ; Krempel, J. ; Kuźniak, M. ; Lauss, B. ; Lefort, T. ; Lemière, Y. ; Mtchedlishvili, A. ; Naviliat-Cuncic, O. ; Pendlebury, J. M. ; Perkowski, M. ; Pierre, E. ; Piegsa, F. M. ; Pignol, G. ; Prashanth, P. N. ; Quéméner, G. ; Rebreyend, D. ; Ries, D. ; Roccia, S. ; Schmidt-Wellenburg, P. ; Schnabel, A. ; Severijns, N. ; Shiers, D. ; Smith, K.F. ; Voigt, J. ; Weis, Antoine

In: Physics Letters B, 2014, vol. 739, p. 128–132

The neutron gyromagnetic ratio has been measured relative to that of the 199Hg atom with an uncertainty of 0.8 ppm. We employed an apparatus where ultracold neutrons and mercury atoms are stored in the same volume and report the result γn/γHg=3.8424574(30)γn/γHg=3.8424574(30).

Université de Fribourg

Development of a 3He magnetometer for a neutron electric dipole moment experiment

Kraft, Andreas ; Koch, Hans-Christian ; Daum, Manfred ; Heil, Werner ; Lauer, Thorsten ; Neumann, Daniel ; Pazgalev, Anatoly ; Sobolev, Yuri ; Weis, Antoine

In: EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation, 2014, vol. 1, no. 1, p. 8

We have developed a highly sensitive 3He magnetometer for the accurate measurement of the magnetic field in an experiment searching for an electric dipole moment of the neutron. By measuring the Larmor frequency of nuclear spin polarized 3He atoms a sensitivity on the femto-Tesla scale can be achieved. A 3He/Cs-test facility was established at the Institute of Physics of the Johannes Gutenberg...