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Colloidal transformations in ms2 virus particles: driven by ph, influenced by natural organic matter

Watts, Samuel ; Julian, Timothy R. ; Maniura-Weber, Katharina ; Graule, Thomas ; Salentinig, Stefan

In: ACS Nano, 2020, vol. 14, no. 2, p. 1879–1887

Enteric viruses, such as enterovirus, norovirus, and rotavirus, are among the leading causes of disease outbreaks due to contaminated drinking and recreational water. Viruses are difficult to remove from water through filtration based on physical size exclusion—for example by gravity-driven filters—due to their nanoscale size. To understand virus removal in drinking water treatment ...

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Materials design for perovskite SOFC cathodes

Richter, Jörg ; Holtappels, Peter ; Graule, Thomas ; Nakamura, Tetsuro ; Gauckler, Ludwig

In: Monatshefte für Chemie - Chemical Monthly, 2009, vol. 140, no. 9, p. 985-999