Université de Fribourg

Angiofil®-mediated visualization of the vascular system by microcomputed tomography: a feasibility study

Grabherr, Silke ; Hess, Andreas ; Karolczak, Marek ; Thali, Michael J. ; Friess, Sebastian D. ; Kalender, Willi A. ; Dirnhofer, Richard ; Djonov, Valentin

In: Microscopy Research and Technique, 2008, vol. 71, no. 7, p. 551 - 556

Visualization of the vascular systems of organs or of small animals is important for an assessment of basic physiological conditions, especially in studies that involve genetically manipulated mice. For a detailed morphological analysis of the vascular tree, it is necessary to demonstrate the system in its entirety. In this study, we present a new lipophilic contrast agent, Angiofil®, for...