Université de Neuchâtel

La gestion durable des sols agricoles : sécuriser les démarches ou légitimer les controverses ? L’exemple des politiques agroenvironnementales autour de l’érosion hydrique des sols arables en Suisse

Derungs, Nicolas ; Hertz, Ellen (Dir.) ; Mitchell, Edward (Codir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Université de Neuchâtel, 2018 ; TH. 2722.

This interdisciplinary dissertation (combining natural, political and social sciences) focuses on the sustainable management of agricultural soils. More specifically, it tackles Swiss environmental and agricultural policies for qualitative soil protection and the accompanying measures to limit water erosion of arable lands. Aiming to launch sustained debate and reflection about the dominant...

Université de Neuchâtel

Testate Amoebae Like It Hot : Species Richness Decreases Along a Subalpine-Alpine Altitudinal Gradient in Both Natural Calluna vulgaris Litter and Transplanted Minuartia sedoides Cushions

Heger, Thierry J ; Derungs, Nicolas ; Theurillat, Jean-Paul ; Mitchell, Edward A. D

In: Microbial Ecology, 2016, vol. 71, no. 3, p. 725-734

Most groups of higher organisms show a decrease in species richness toward high altitude, but the existence of such a pattern is debated for micro-eukaryotes. Existing data are scarce and mostly confounded with the diversity of habitats that also decreases with elevation. In order to disentangle these two factors, one approach is to consider only similar types of habitats occurring across an...

Université de Neuchâtel

The challenge of soil erosion management in Switzerland : a socio-anthropological analysis of public policy construction and implementation

Derungs, Nicolas ; Hertz, Ellen

In: Bulletin BGS, 2016, vol. 37, p. 25-33

Switzerland’s 2014 “Agricultural Report” asserts that the fertility of Swiss agricultural lands is compromised in the long term, and that one of the major causes is water erosion. Yet, the problem of soil erosion is not recent. It has been studied for more than fifty years and included in agro-environmental policy-making for more than twenty years. However, despite significant improvements,...

Université de Neuchâtel

Thécamoebiens muscicoles d'un mur d’enceinte du château de Neuchâtel – les protistes constituent-ils une partie négligeable de la biodiversité ou plutôt une « majorité silencieuse » ?

Mitchell, Edward A.D. ; Arnet, Thierry ; Chatelain, Auriel ; Derungs, Nicolas ; Lara, Enrique

In: Bulletin de la Société Neuchâteloise des Sciences Naturelles, 2013, vol. 133, p. 83-92

The analysis of a few moss samples collected on the walls of the castle of Neuchâtel has revealed the presence of 23 taxa of testate amoebae, among which 10 Euglyphids and 13 Arcellinids, out of an overall total of 117 observed taxa, for all taxonomic groups. As hitherto unknown species and higher taxa are continuously being discovered within the various groups of protists including testate...