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Transcriptome responses to aluminum stress in roots of aspen (Populus tremula)

Grisel, Nadine ; Zoller, Stefan ; Künzli-Gontarczyk, Marzanna ; Lampart, Thomas ; Münsterkötter, Martin ; Brunner, Ivano ; Bovet, Lucien ; Métraux, Jean-Pierre ; Sperisen, Christoph

In: BMC Plant Biology, 2010, vol. 10, p. 185

Background: Ionic aluminum (mainly Al3+) is rhizotoxic and can be present in acid soils at concentrations high enough to inhibit root growth. Many forest tree species grow naturally in acid soils and often tolerate high concentrations of Al. Previously, we have shown that aspen (Populus tremula) releases citrate and oxalate from roots in response to Al exposure. To obtain further insights into...

Université de Fribourg

AtOSA1 a member of Abc1-like family as a new factor in cadmium and oxidative stress response

Jasinski, Michal ; Sudre, Damien ; Schansker, Gert ; Schellenberg, Maya ; Constant, Signarbieux ; Martinoia, Enrico ; Bovet, Lucien

In: Plant Physiology, 2008, vol. 147, p. pp.107.110247

The analysis of gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana using cDNA-microarrays and RT-PCR showed that AtOSA1 (Arabidopsis thaliana Oxidative Stress related Abc1 like protein) transcript levels are influenced by Cd²⁺ treatment. The comparison of protein sequences revealed that AtOSA1 belongs to the family of Abc1 proteins. Up to now, Abc1-like proteins have been identified in...

Université de Fribourg

Crosstalk and differential response to abiotic and biotic stressors reflected at the transcriptional level of effector genes from secondary metabolism

Glombitza, Sabine ; Dubuis, Pierre-henri ; Thulke, Oliver ; Welzl, Gerhard ; Bovet, Lucien ; Götz, Michael ; Affenzeller, Matthias ; Geist, Birgit ; Hehn, Alain ; Asnaghi, Carole ; Ernst, Dieter ; Seidlitz, Harald ; Gundlach, Heidrun ; Mayer, Klaus ; Martinoia, Enrico ; Werck-reichhart, Daniele ; Mauch, Felix ; Schäffner, Anton

In: Plant Molecular Biology, 2005, vol. 54, p. 817-835

Plant secondary metabolism significantly contributes to defensive measures against adverse abiotic and biotic cues. To investigate stress-induced, transcriptional alterations of underlying effector gene families, which encode enzymes acting consecutively in secondary metabolism and defense reactions, a DNA array (MetArray) harboring gene-specific probes was established. It comprised complete sets...