Université de Neuchâtel

An elicitor in caterpillar oral secretions that induces corn seedlings to emit chemical signals attractive to parasitic wasps

Turlings, Ted C. J. ; McCall, Philip J. ; Alborn, Hans ; Tumlinson, James H.

In: Journal of Chemical Ecology, 1993, vol. 19, p. 411 - 425

Regurgitate of corn-fed beet armyworm (BAW) caterpillars, Spodoptera exigua, when applied to damaged sites of corn (Zea mays) seedlings, causes the release of relatively large amounts of terpenes by the seedlings several hours later. This plant response could be induced by merely placing the cut stem of seedlings in a solution of BAW regurgitate for 12 hr, a response that could not...

Université de Neuchâtel

Induction of Volatile Emissions in Maize by Different Larval Instars of Spodoptera littoralis

Gouinguené, Sandrine ; Alborn, Hans ; Turlings, Ted C. J.

In: Journal of Chemical Ecology, 2003, vol. 29, p. 145 - 162

Maize plants under attack by caterpillars emit a specific blend of volatiles that is highly attractive to parasitic wasps. The release of these signals is induced by elicitors in the caterpillar regurgitant. Studies suggest that plants respond differently to different herbivore species and even to different herbivore stages, thus providing parasitoids and predators with specific signals. We...