Université de Fribourg

Second language performances in elderly bilinguals and individuals with dementia: The role of L2 immersion

Nanchen, Giliane ; Abutalebi, Jubin ; Assal, Frédéric ; Manchon, Mélanie ; Démonet, Jean-François ; Annoni, Jean-Marie

In: Journal of Neurolinguistics, 2017, vol. 43, p. 49–58

With the population aging and an increase in the number of senior immigrant citizens in modern societies, public health systems will be increasingly burdened with the need to deal with the care and treatment of bi- or multilingual individuals with cognitive decline and dementia. This raises complex questions such as which language is better preserved in these elderly individuals, particularly...

Université de Fribourg

The role of the cognitive control system in recovery from bilingual aphasia: a multiple single-case fMRI study

Radman, Narges ; Mouthon, Michael ; Pietro, Marie Di ; Gaytanidis, Chrisovalandou ; Leemann, Beatrice ; Abutalebi, Jubin ; Annoni, Jean-Marie

In: Neural Plasticity, 2016, vol. 2016, p. e8797086

Aphasia in bilingual patients is a therapeutic challenge since both languages can be impacted by the same lesion. Language control has been suggested to play an important role in the recovery of first (L1) and second (L2) language in bilingual aphasia following stroke. To test this hypothesis, we collected behavioral measures of language production (general aphasia evaluation and picture...

Université de Fribourg

Language and syntactic impairment following stroke in late bilingual aphasics

Tschirren, Muriel ; Laganaro, Marina ; Michel, Patrik ; Martory, Marie-Dominique ; Di Pietro, Marie ; Abutalebi, Jubin ; Annoni, Jean-Marie

In: Brain and Language, 2011, vol. 119, no. 3, p. 238-242

Purpose :Bilingual aphasia generally affects both languages. However, the age of acquisition of the second language (L2) seems to play a role in the anatomo-functional correlation of the syntactical/grammatical processes, thus potentially influencing the L2 syntactic impairment following a stroke. The present study aims to analyze the influence of late age of acquisition of the L2 on syntactic...