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Università della Svizzera italiana

Effects of self-mastery on adolescent and parental mental health through the mediation of coping ability applying dyadic analysis

Filipponi, Chiara ; Schulz, Peter J. ; Petrocchi, Serena

In: Behavioral sciences, 2020, vol. 10, no. 12, p. 8 p

Evidence demonstrated that self-mastery and coping ability predict mental health in adults and children. However, there is a lack of research analyzing the relationships between those constructs in parents and children. Self-report data from 89 dyads (adolescents’ mean of age = 14.47, SD = 0.50; parents’ mean of age = 47.24, SD = 4.54) who participated in waves 17, 18, and 19 (following T1,...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Glomerular macrophages in human auto- and allo-immune nephritis

Moll, Solange ; Angeletti, Andrea ; Scapozza, Leonardo ; Cavalli, Andrea ; Ghiggeri, Gian Marco ; Prunotto, Marco

In: Cells, 2021, vol. 10, no. 3, p. 19 p

Macrophages are involved in tissue homeostasis. They participate in inflammatory episodes and are involved in tissue repair. Macrophages are characterized by a phenotypic heterogeneity and a profound cell plasticity. In the kidney, and more particularly within glomeruli, macrophages are thought to play a maintenance role that is potentially critical for preserving a normal glomerular structure....