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Lettre d'information : Archives de l'ancien Evêché de Bâle

Porrentruy : Archives de l'ancien Evêché de Bâle

[No 1] octobre 2012-

Public access from Sep 13, 2020
Université de Fribourg

L’hypothèse de la cessation des mouvements célestes au XIV e siècle : Nicole Oresme, Jean Buridan et Albert de Saxe = The Hypothesis of the Cessation of Celestial Motion in the 14th Century: Nicole Oresme, John Buridan and Albert of Saxony

Panzica, Aurora

In: Vivarium, 2018, vol. 56, no. 1-2, p. 83-125

Aristotelian cosmology implies the plurality of celestial motion for the process of generation and corruption in the sublunar world. In order to investigate the structure of the cosmos and the degree of dependence of the sublunar on the supralunar region, Medieval Latin commentators on Aristotle explored the consequences of cessation of celestial motion. In this paper we analyse the position of...

Université de Fribourg

Population genomic analysis of elongated skulls reveals extensive female-biased immigration in Early Medieval Bavaria

Veeramah, Krishna R. ; Rott, Andreas ; Groß, Melanie ; Dorp, Lucy van ; López, Saioa ; Kirsanow, Karola ; Sell, Christian ; Blöcher, Jens ; Wegmann, Daniel ; Link, Vivian ; Hofmanová, Zuzana ; Peters, Joris ; Trautmann, Bernd ; Gairhos, Anja ; Haberstroh, Jochen ; Päffgen, Bernd ; Hellenthal, Garrett ; Haas-Gebhard, Brigitte ; Harbeck, Michaela ; Burger, Joachim

In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2018, p. 201719880

Modern European genetic structure demonstrates strong correlations with geography, while genetic analysis of prehistoric humans has indicated at least two major waves of immigration from outside the continent during periods of cultural change. However, population-level genome data that could shed light on the demographic processes occurring during the intervening periods have been absent....

Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire Fribourg

Notice historique sur Gruyère

Thorin, Hubert

Fribourg : Imprimerie catholique suisse, 1881