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Université de Fribourg

Including Covariates in the Regression Discontinuity Design

Frölich, Markus ; Huber, Martin

In: Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 2019, vol. 37, no. 4, p. 736-748

This article proposes a fully nonparametric kernel method to account for observed covariates in regression discontinuity designs (RDD), which may increase precision of treatment effect estimation. It is shown that conditioning on covariates reduces the asymptotic variance and allows estimating the treatment effect at the rate of one- dimensional nonparametric regression, irrespective of the...

Université de Fribourg

The Finite Sample Performance of Inference Methods for Propensity Score Matching and Weighting Estimators

Bodory, Hugo ; Camponovo, Lorenzo ; Huber, Martin ; Lechner, Michael

In: Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 2020, vol. 38, no. 1, p. 183-200

This article investigates the finite sample properties of a range of inference methods for propensity score-based matching and weighting estimators frequently applied to evaluate the average treatment effect on the treated. We analyze both asymptotic approximations and bootstrap methods for computing variances and confidence intervals in our simulation designs, which are based on German...

Université de Fribourg

On the Sensitivity of Wage Gap Decompositions

Huber, Martin ; Solovyeva, Anna

In: Journal of Labor Research, 2020, vol. 41, no. 1, p. 1-33

This paper investigates the sensitivity of average wage gap decompositions to methods resting on different assumptions regarding endogeneity of observed characteristics, sample selection into employment, and estimators’ functional form. Applying five distinct decomposition techniques to estimate the gender wage gap in the U.S. using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979,...

Université de Fribourg

The Impact of Response Measures on COVID-19-Related Hospitalization and Death Rates in Germany and Switzerland

Huber, Martin ; Feuerriegel, Stefan

In: Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 2020, vol. 156, no. 10, p. 1-19

We assess the impact of the timing of lockdown measures implemented in Germany and Switzerland on cumulative COVID-19-related hospitalization and death rates. Our analysis exploits the fact that the epidemic was more advanced in some regions than in others when certain lockdown measures came into force, based on measuring health outcomes relative to the region-specific start of the epidemic...

Université de Fribourg

A Framework for Separating Individual-Level Treatment Effects From Spillover Effects

Huber, Martin ; Steinmayr, Andreas

In: Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 2019, p. 1-15

This article suggests a causal framework for separating individual-level treatment effects and spillover effects such as general equilibrium, interference, or interaction effects related to treatment distribution. We relax the stable unit treatment value assumption assuming away treatment-dependent interaction between study participants and permit spillover effects within aggregates, for...

Université de Fribourg

Combining experimental evidence with machine learning to assess anti-corruption educational campaigns among Russian university students

Denisova-Schmidt, Elena ; Huber, Martin ; Leontyeva, Elvira ; Solovyeva, Anna

In: Empirical Economics, 2020, p. 1-24

This paper examines how anti-corruption educational campaigns affect the attitudes of Russian university students toward corruption and academic integrity in the short run. About 2000 survey participants were randomly assigned to one of four different information materials (brochures or videos) about the negative consequences of corruption or to a control group. While we do not find important...

Université de Fribourg

Endogeneity and non-response bias in treatment evaluation – nonparametric identification of causal effects by instruments

Fricke, Hans ; Frölich, Markus ; Huber, Martin ; Lechner, Michael

In: Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2020, p. 481-504

This paper proposes a nonparametric method for evaluating treatment effects in the presence of both treatment endogeneity and attrition/non-response bias, based on two instrumental variables. Using a discrete instrument for the treatment and an instrument with rich (in general continuous) support for non-response/attrition, we identify the average treatment effect on compliers as well as the...

Université de Fribourg

Play and Games in Ostia

Dasen, Véronique

In: Life and Death in a Multicultural Harbour City: Ostia Antica from the Republic through Late Antiquity, Rome, 2020, p. 305-311

This volume, Life and Death in a Multicultural Harbour City: Ostia Antica from the Republic through Late Antiquity, edited by Arja Karivieri, includes 50 articles with numerous illustrations, written by international scholars active in the research of Ostia and Portus, the harbour city and the harbour area of ancient Rome. This volume is the result of the project "Segrerated or Integrated? -...

Université de Fribourg

Legal, illegal … – wer genau? Die Schweizer Asylbewegung und der Streit um das Recht 1973–1992

Pärli, Jonathan

In: Zeitschrift für Rechtssoziologie, 2019, vol. 39, no. 2, p. 177-203

Der Staat solle sich auch gegenüber Asylsuchenden und Flüchtlingen an das Recht halten, statt Willkür walten zu lassen: so lautete die anfänglich wohl wichtigste Forderung der Asylbewegung, die in der Schweiz in den frühen 1980er-Jahren entstand. Der Text diskutiert die affirmative Beziehung der Asylbewegung zum Recht und bezieht sich dabei auf Jacques Rancières Thesen zum Verhältnis von...

Haute Ecole pédagogique Fribourg

Une séquence didactique pour favoriser les liens entre texte et grammaire

Marmy Cusin, Véronique

In: Gramatica e Texto : Interações e aplicação ao ensino, 2021, p. 335-349

The first part of this paper defines notions of text, processes involved in writing and text genre as a tool for the teaching of writing as well as a way to link the latter with grammar learning. The author presents a didactic sequence articulating grammar and writing, used in her doctoral research (Marmy Cusin, 2012) and experimented by four teachers at primary level in French-speaking...