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Université de Neuchâtel

Above- and belowground linkages in Sphagnum peatland : climate warming affects plant-microbial interactions

Jassey, Vincent E. J. ; Chiapusio, Geneviève ; Binet, Philippe ; Buttler, Alexandre ; Laggoun-Défarge, Fatima ; Delarue, Frédéric ; Bernard, Nadine ; Mitchell, Edward A. D. ; Toussaint, Marie-Laure ; Francez, André-Jean ; Gilbert, Daniel

In: Global Change Biology, 2013, vol. 19, no. 3, p. 811-823

Peatlands contain approximately one third of all soil organic carbon (SOC). Warming can alter above- and belowground linkages that regulate soil organic carbon dynamics and C-balance in peatlands. Here we examine the multiyear impact of in situ experimental warming on the microbial food web, vegetation, and their feedbacks with soil chemistry. We provide evidence of both positive and...

Université de Neuchâtel

Glasshouse vs field experiments: do they yield ecologically similar results for assessing N impacts on peat mosses?

Limpens, J. ; Granath, G. ; Aerts, R. ; Heijmans, M. M. P. D. ; Sheppard, L. J. ; Bragazza, L. ; Williams, B. L. ; Rydin, H. ; Bubier, J. ; Moore, T. ; Rochefort, L. ; Mitchell, Edward A. D. ; Buttler, A. ; van den Berg, L. J. L. ; Gunnarsson, U. ; Francez, A. -J. ; Gerdol, R. ; Thormann, M. ; Grosvernier, P. ; Wiedermann, M. M. ; Nilsson, M. B. ; Hoosbeek, M. R. ; Bayley, S. ; Nordbakken, J. -F. ; Paulissen, M. P. C. P. ; Hotes, S. ; Breeuwer, A. ; Ilomets, M. ; Tomassen, H. B. M. ; Leith, I. ; Xu, B.

In: New Phytologist, 2012, vol. 195, no. 2, p. 408-418

• Peat bogs have accumulated more atmospheric carbon (C) than any other terrestrial ecosystem today. Most of this C is associated with peat moss (Sphagnum) litter. Atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition can decrease Sphagnum production, compromising the C sequestration capacity of peat bogs. The mechanisms underlying the reduced production are uncertain, necessitating...

Université de Neuchâtel

Functional microbial diversity in regenerating cutover peatlands responds to vegetation succession

Artz, Rebekka R. E. ; Chapman, Stephen J. ; Siegenthaler, Andy ; Mitchell, Edward A. D. ; Buttler, Alexandre ; Bortoluzzi, Estelle ; Gilbert, Daniel ; Yli-Petays, Mika ; Vasander, Harri ; Francez, André-Jean

In: Journal of Applied Ecology, 2008, vol. 45, no. 6, p. 1799-1809

1. While establishment of vegetation is the most visual indicator of regeneration on cutover peatland, the reinstatement of belowground functions is less well understood. Vegetation succession results in differences in peat quality in terms of C availability. The respiratory response of the soil microbial community to ecologically relevant substrates (community-level physiological profile,...

Université de Neuchâtel

Effects of experimental warming on carbon sink function of a temperate pristine mire : the PEATWARM project

Laggoun-Défarge, Fatima ; Gilbert, Daniel ; Buttler, Alexandre ; Epron, Daniel ; Francez, Andre-Jean ; Grasset, Laurent ; Mitchell, Edward A. D. ; Guimbaud, Christophe ; Roy, J.-C.

In: Proceedings of the 13th International Peat Congress, 2008, p. 599-602

Within the PEATWARM project, we use Sphagnumpeatlands as a model to analyse their vulnerability to climate change using an experimental system (ITEX) that simulates in situan increase in average temperature. We aim to determine the effects of temperature increase on the vegetation, the balance of above- and belowground gas fluxes (CO2and CH4), the microbial diversity and activity in...