Université de Fribourg

A Test of the Quasi-Circumplex Structure of Human Values

Perrinjaquet, Amandine ; Furrer, Olivier ; Usunier, Jean-Claude ; Cestre, Ghislaine ; Valette-Florence, Pierre

In: Journal of Research in Personality, 2007, p. 820-840

Schwartz’s value system (SVS) has been widely used in diVerent disciplines (e.g., psychology, management, and marketing). Although the value structure seems to be validated when data are analyzed through multidimensional scaling, we show that the quasi-circumplex structure of human values is not supported when conWrmatory analysis approaches (e.g., CIRCUM and constrained conWrmatory factor...

Université de Fribourg

The perceived trade-off between corporate social and economic responsibility : A cross-national study

Usunier, Jean-Claude ; Furrer, Olivier ; Furrer-Perrinjaquet

In: International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 2011, vol. 11, no. 3, p. 279-302

We study cross-nationally whether managers view corporate social and economic responsibility as compatible, or incompatible. The conceptual framework builds on different theories that support alternative views of corporate responsibility compatibility. A set of hypotheses relates differences in cultural values, corporate governance systems, and managerial education to corporate responsibility...