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Observational Diagnostics of Gas in Protoplanetary Disks

Carmona, Andrés

In: Earth, Moon, and Planets, 2010, vol. 106, no. 2-4, p. 71-95

Université de Fribourg

Canadian pressure observations and circulation variability: links to air temperature

Slonosky, Victoria C. ; Graham, Edward

In: International Journal of Climatology, 2005, vol. 25(11), p. 1473

A set of 71 station series of surface pressure from Canada and Greenland have been examined for quality control and homogeneity. These records range in length from 50 to 130 years. The object of this exercise was to investigate station-based surface pressure series and atmospheric circulation on a decadal time scale, and to examine the effects of the atmospheric circulation on climate. The data...