Université de Fribourg

Kin-dependent dispersal influences relatedness and genetic structuring in a lek system

Cayuela, Hugo ; Boualit, Laurent ; Laporte, Martin ; Prunier, Jérôme G. ; Preiss, Françoise ; Laurent, Alain ; Foletti, Francesco ; Clobert, Jean ; Jacob, Gwenaël

In: Oecologia, 2019, vol. 191, no. 1, p. 97–112

Kin selection and dispersal play a critical role in the evolution of cooperative breeding systems. Limited dispersal increases relatedness in spatially structured populations (population viscosity), with the result that neighbours tend to be genealogical relatives. Yet the increase in neighbours’ fitness-related performance through altruistic interaction may also result in habitat...

Université de Fribourg

Environmentally mediated reproductive success predicts breeding dispersal decisions in an early successional amphibian

Boualit, Laurent ; Pichenot, Julian ; Besnard, Aurélien ; Helder, Rémi ; Joly, Pierre ; Cayuela, Hugo

In: Animal Behaviour, 2019, vol. 149, p. 107–120

Dispersal is a central mechanism in ecology and evolution. Dispersal evolution is driven by a trade-off between costs and benefits, which is influenced by interindividual variability and local environmental conditions (context-dependent dispersal). Many studies have investigated how dispersal decisions may be influenced by environmental factors, including density, predation and interspecific...