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Université de Neuchâtel

Earthworm communities in alluvial forests : Influence of altitude, vegetation stages and soil parameters

Salomé, Clémence ; Guenat, Claire ; Bullinger-Weber, Géraldine ; Gobat, Jean-Michel ; Le Bayon, Renée-Claire

In: Pedobiologia, 2011, vol. 54S, p. S89-S98

In many terrestrial ecosystems, soil parameters usually regulate the distribution of earthworm communities. In alluvial ecosystems, few studies have investigated the impact of periodic floods and alluvium deposition on soil fauna. In this context, we assumed that earthworm communities may vary depending on altitude (alpine, subalpine, mountain and hill levels), forest successional stage...

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Université de Neuchâtel

Earthworms affect plant growth and resistance against herbivores : A meta-analysis

Xiao, Zhenggao ; Wang, Xie ; Koricheva, Julia, School of Biological Sciences, Royal Holloway University of London, Egham, UK ; Kergunteuil, Alan ; Le Bayon, Renée-Claire ; Liu, Manqiang ; Hu, Feng ; Rasmann, Sergio

In: Functional Ecology, 2018, vol. 32, no. 1, p. 150-160

1. Subterranean detritivores such as earthworms can increase soil nutrient availability through their burrowing and casting activities. A number of recent studies have explored whether these changes caused by earthworms may in turn affect plant performance and resistance to herbivores, but no formal synthesis of this literature has been conducted to date. 2. We tested for the effects of...