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  • Northern Ireland (1) désactiver le filtre
  • autochthony (1) désactiver le filtre
  • civic–ethnic dichotomy (1) désactiver le filtre
  • identity (1)
  • nationalism (1) désactiver le filtre
  • politics of belonging (1) désactiver le filtre
Université de Fribourg

Autochthony and activism among contemporary Irish Nationalists in Northern Ireland, or: if ‘civic’ nationalists are ‘ethno’-cultural revivalists,what remains of the civic/ethnic divide?

Zenker, Olaf

In: Nations and Nationalism, 2009, vol. 15, no. 4, p. 696-715

This article argues for dissolving the civic–ethnic dichotomy into several analytical dimensions and suggests ‘autochthony’ and 'activism’ as two such alternatives. It does so by first presenting a case study of Irish language revivalism and identity discourses in the North of Ireland, in which locals turn out to be both ‘civic’ nationalists and ‘ethno’-cultural revivalists. The...