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Université de Neuchâtel

ABC1K1/PGR6 kinase: a regulatory link between photosynthetic activity and chloroplast metabolism

Martinis, Jacopo ; Glauser, Gaétan ; Valimareanu, Sergiu ; Stettler, Michaela ; Zeeman, Samuel C ; Yamamoto, Hiroshi ; Shikanai, Toshiharu ; Kessler, Felix

In: The Plant Journal, 2014, vol. 77, no. 2, p. 269–283

Arabidopsis proton gradient regulation (pgr) mutants have high chlorophyll fluorescence and reduced non-photochemical quenching (NPQ) caused by defects in photosynthetic electron transport. Here, we identify PGR6 as the chloroplast lipid droplet (plastoglobule, PG) kinase ABC1K1 (activity of bc1 complex kinase 1). The members of the ABC1/ADCK/UbiB family of atypical kinases regulate...

Université de Neuchâtel

The Acidic A-Domain of Arabidopsis Toc159 Occurs as a Hyperphosphorylated Protein

Agne, Birgit ; Andrès, Charles ; Montandon, Cyril ; Christ, Bastien ; Ertan, Anouk ; Jung, Friederike ; Infanger, Sibylle ; Bischof, Sylvain ; Baginsky, Sacha ; Kessler, Felix

In: Plant Physiology, 2010, vol. 53, no. 3, p. 1016-1030

The translocon at the outer membrane of the chloroplast assists the import of a large class of preproteins with amino-terminal transit sequences. The preprotein receptors Toc159 and Toc33 in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) are specific for the accumulation of abundant photosynthetic proteins. The receptors are homologous GTPases known to be regulated by phosphorylation within their...

Université de Neuchâtel

atTic110 Functions as a Scaffold for Coordinating the Stromal Events of Protein Import into Chloroplasts

Inaba, Takehito ; Li, Ming ; Alvarez-Huerta, Mayte ; Kessler, Felix ; Schnell, Danny J.

In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2003, vol. 78, p. 38617-38627

The translocon of the inner envelope membrane of chloroplasts (Tic) mediates the late events in the translocation of nucleus-encoded preproteins into chloroplasts. Tic110 is a major integral membrane component of active Tic complexes and has been proposed to function as a docking site for translocation-associated stromal factors and as a component of the protein-conducting channel. To investigate...

Université de Neuchâtel

AtToc90, a New GTP-Binding Component of the Arabidopsis Chloroplast Protein Import Machinery

Hiltbrunner, Andreas ; Grünig, Kathrin ; Alvarez-Huerta, Mayte ; Infanger, Sibylle ; Bauer, Jörg ; Kessler, Felix

In: Plant Molecular Biology, 2004, vol. 54, p. 427 - 440

AtToc159 is a GTP-binding chloroplast protein import receptor. In vivo, atToc159 is required for massive accumulation of photosynthetic proteins during chloroplast biogenesis. Yet, in mutants lacking atToc159 photosynthetic proteins still accumulate, but at strongly reduced levels whereas non-photosynthetic proteins are imported normally: This suggests a role for the homologues of atToc159...

Université de Neuchâtel

Border control: selectivity of chloroplast protein import and regulation at the TOC-complex

Demarsy, Emilie ; Lakshmanan, Ashok M ; Kessler, Felix

In: Frontiers in Plant Science, 2014, vol. 5, p. 483

Plants have evolved complex and sophisticated molecular mechanisms to regulate their development and adapt to their surrounding environment. Particularly the development of their specific organelles, chloroplasts and other plastid-types, is finely tuned in accordance with the metabolic needs of the cell. The normal development and functioning of plastids require import of particular subsets...

Université de Neuchâtel

Characterization of Chloroplast Protein Import without Tic56, a Component of the 1-Megadalton Translocon at the Inner Envelope Membrane of Chloroplasts

Köhler, Daniel ; Montandon, Cyril ; Hause, Gerd ; Majovsky, Petra ; Kessler, Felix ; Baginsky, Sacha ; Agne, Birgit

In: Plant Physiology, 2015, vol. 167, no. 3, p. 972-990

We report on the characterization of Tic56, a unique component of the recently identified 1-MD translocon at the inner envelope membrane of chloroplasts (TIC) in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) comprising Tic20, Tic100, and Tic214. We isolated Tic56 by copurification with Tandem Affinity Purification-tagged Toc159 in the absence of precursor protein, indicating spontaneous and...

Université de Neuchâtel

A Chloroplast ABC1-like Kinase Regulates Vitamin E Metabolism in Arabidopsis

Martinis, Jacopo ; Glauser, Gaétan ; Valimareanu, Sergiu ; Kessler, Felix

In: Plant Physiology, 2013, vol. 162, no. 2, p. 652-662

In bacteria and mitochondria, ABC1 (for Activity of bc1 complex)-like kinases regulate ubiquinone synthesis, mutations causing severe respiration defects, including neurological disorders in humans. Little is known about plant ABC1-like kinases; in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana), five are predicted in mitochondria but, surprisingly, six are located at lipid droplets in...

Université de Neuchâtel

Chloroplast biogenesis: diversity and regulation of the protein import apparatus

Kessler, Felix ; Schnell, Danny J.

In: Current Opinion in Cell Biology, 2009, vol. 21, no. 4, p. 494-500

The biogenesis of chloroplasts is dependent on the coordinate expression of genes encoded in both nuclear and plastid genomes. The chloroplast protein import machinery plays key roles in organelle biogenesis by mediating the import and assembly of thousands of nuclear-encoded proteins into the organelle. It is now apparent that multiple levels of control exist to integrate the activities of the...

Université de Neuchâtel

Chloroplast Delivery by UPS

Kessler, Felix

In: Science, 2012, vol. 338, no. 6107, p. 622-623