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Deficiency in Phylloquinone (Vitamin K1) Methylation Affects Prenyl Quinone Distribution, Photosystem I Abundance, and Anthocyanin Accumulation in the Arabidopsis AtmenG Mutant

Lohmann, Antje ; Schöttler, Mark Aurel ; Bréhélin, Claire ; Kessler, Felix ; Bock, Ralph ; Cahoon, Edgar B. ; Dörmann, Peter

In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2006, vol. 281, no. 52, p. 40461-40472

Phylloquinone (vitamin K1) is synthesized in cyanobacteria and in chloroplasts of plants, where it serves as electron carrier of photosystem I. The last step of phylloquinone synthesis in cyanobacteria is the methylation of 2-phytyl-1,4-naphthoquinone by the menG gene product. Here, we report that the uncharacterized Arabidopsis gene At1g23360, which shows sequence...

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Down-regulation of tomato PHYTOL KINASE strongly impairs tocopherol biosynthesis and affects prenyllipid metabolism in an organ-specific manner

Almeida, Juliana ; Azevedo, Mariana da Silva ; Spicher, Livia ; Glauser, Gaétan ; vom Dorp, Katharina ; Guyer, Luzia ; del Valle Carranza, Andrea ; Asis, Ramón ; de Souza, Amanda Pereira ; Buckeridge, Marcos ; Demarco, Diego ; Bres, Cécile ; Rothan, Christophe ; Peres, Lázaro Eustáquio Pereira ; Hörtensteiner, Stefan ; Kessler, Félix ; Dörmann, Peter ; Carrari, Fernando ; Técnicas, Castelar, Argentina ; Rossi, Magdalena

In: Journal of Experimental Botany, 2016, vol. 67, no. 3, p. 919-934

Tocopherol, a compound with vitamin E (VTE) activity, is a conserved constituent of the plastidial antioxidant network in photosynthetic organisms. The synthesis of tocopherol involves the condensation of an aromatic head group with an isoprenoid prenyl side chain. The latter, phytyl diphosphate, can be derived from chlorophyll phytol tail recycling, which depends on phytol kinase (VTE5)...

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Fatty Acid Phytyl Ester Synthesis in Chloroplasts of Arabidopsis

Lippold, Felix ; vom Dorp, Katharina ; Abraham, Marion ; Hölzl, Georg ; Wewer, Vera ; Yilmaz, Jenny Lindberg ; Lager, Ida ; Montandon, Cyrille ; Besagni, Céline ; Kessler, Felix ; Stymne, Sten ; Dörmann, Peter

In: The Plant Cell, 2012, vol. 24, no. 5, p. 2001-2014

During stress or senescence, thylakoid membranes in chloroplasts are disintegrated, and chlorophyll and galactolipid are broken down, resulting in the accumulation of toxic intermediates, i.e., tetrapyrroles, free phytol, and free fatty acids. Chlorophyll degradation has been studied in detail, but the catabolic pathways for phytol and fatty acids remain unclear. A large proportion of phytol...

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Intersection of the tocopherol and plastoquinol metabolic pathways at the plastoglobule

Zbierzak, Anna Maria ; Kanwischer, Marion ; Wille, Christina ; Vidi, Pierre-Alexandre ; Giavalisco, Patrick ; Lohmann, Antje ; Briesen, Isabel ; Porfirova, Svetlana ; Bréhélin, Claire ; Kessler, Felix ; Dörmann, Peter

In: Biochemical Journal, 2010, vol. 425, p. 389-399

Plastoglobules, lipid–protein bodies in the stroma of plant chloroplasts, are enriched in non-polar lipids, in particular prenyl quinols. In the present study we show that, in addition to the thylakoids, plastoglobules also contain a considerable proportion of the plastidial PQ-9 (plastoquinol-9), the redox component of photosystem II, and of the cyclized product of PQ-9, PC-8...

Université de Neuchâtel

Nitrogen deficiency in Arabidopsis affects galactolipid composition and gene expression and results in accumulation of fatty acid phytyl esters

Gaude, Nicole ; Bréhélin, Claire ; Tischendorf, Gilbert ; Kessler, Felix ; Dörmann, Peter

In: The Plant Journal, 2007, vol. 49, no. 4, p. 729-739

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plants because it represents a major constituent of numerous cellular compounds, including proteins, amino acids, nucleic acids and lipids. While N deprivation is known to have severe consequences for primary carbon metabolism, the effect on chloroplast lipid metabolism has not been analysed in higher plants. Nitrogen limitation in Arabidopsis led to a...

Université de Neuchâtel

Plastid lipid droplets at the crossroads of prenylquinone metabolism

Eugeni Piller, Lucia ; Abraham, Marion ; Dörmann, Peter ; Kessler, Felix ; Besagni, Céline

In: Journal of Experimental Botany, 2012, vol. 63, no. 4, p. 1609-1618

Lipid droplets called plastoglobules (PGs) exist in most plant tissues and plastid types. In chloroplasts, the polar lipid monolayer surrounding these low-density lipoprotein particles is continuous with the outer lipid leaflet of the thylakoid membrane. Often small clusters of two or three PGs, only one of them directly connected to thylakoids, are present. Structural proteins (known as...

Université de Neuchâtel

Tocopherol Cyclase (VTE1) Localization and Vitamin E Accumulation in Chloroplast Plastoglobule Lipoprotein Particles

Vidi, Pierre-Alexandre ; Kanwischer, Marion ; Baginsky, Sacha ; Austin, Jotham R. ; Csucs, Gabor ; Dörmann, Peter ; Kessler, Felix ; Bréhélin, Claire

In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2006, vol. 281, p. 11225-11234

Chloroplasts contain lipoprotein particles termed plastoglobules. Plastoglobules are generally believed to have little function beyond lipid storage. Here we report on the identification of plastoglobule proteins using mass spectrometry methods in Arabidopsis thaliana. We demonstrate specific plastoglobule association of members of the plastid lipid-associated proteins/fibrillin family as...