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Introduire les points soumis à discussion lors d'une réunion. : Une analyse conversationnelle longitudinale.

González-Martínez, Esther ; Giglio, Marcelo

In: Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique (TRANEL), 2020, no. 72, p. 31-61

We recorded meetings of a group of educators and educator-researchers at a university of teacher education. The purpose of these meetings was to design a new lesson-planning tool to be used by students. The article focuses on the work of the meeting chair, in particular the practices he deploys to introduce points for discussion in two consecutive meetings. We identify practices such as...

Université de Fribourg

Téléphone et coordination des soins intensifs à l’hôpital

Vaucher, Carla ; González-Martínez, Esther

In: La revue de l'infirmière, 2015, no. 208, p. 38-39

Telephone and coordination of intensive care in hospital. The telephone is a central tool for the coordination of care in hospitals between the general wards and intensive care. Calls are short and frequent. They concern a wide variety of issues handled in parallel with other activities. This research, carried out by a Swiss team, examines the practices of telephone communication in...

Université de Fribourg

Interaction manipulateur-patient lors d'examens au scanner

Progin Liatti, Mélanie ; González-Martínez, Esther ; Massey, Géraldine

In: Le Manipulateur d'imagerie médicale et de radiothérapie, 2017, no. 269, p. 22-26

Université de Fribourg

La Pharmacie, bonjour?

Vaucher, Carla ; González-Martínez, Esther

In: Soins infirmiers, 2014, no. 10, p. 74-75

Université de Fribourg

'Je me permets de te déranger pour te demander un petit conseil' : La gestion de l'expertise lors d'un appel téléphonique infirmier au service de Soins intensifs

Petitjean, Cécile ; Sterie, Anca-Cristina ; Vaucher, Carla ; González-Martínez, Esther

In: Cahiers de l'Institut de linguistique et des sciences du langage, 2015, no. 42, p. 33-56

Les conversations téléphoniques entre infirmières sont instrumentales dans le sens où elles visent la prise en charge des patients mais constituent également un espace de production et de reconnaissance des expertises des professionnelles qui y sont engagées. Afin de rendre compte des compétences interactionnelles mobilisées dans cette double organisation, à la fois pratique et...

Université de Fribourg

Just telling what is going to happen. The initial phase of a judicial social investigation interview

González-Martínez, Esther

In: Nottingham French Studies, 2011, vol. 50, no. 2, p. 154-176

This article analyses the sequential and situated organisation of the initial phase of social investigator-suspect interviews in the framework of French accelerated criminal procedures. The social investigator starts the interview by introducing a preliminary telling activity in which she announces and presents it and the subsequent steps of the procedure to the suspect. This activity is...

Université de Fribourg

Une pratique de gestion de la critique en pédiatrie: communiquer à travers le bébé = A practice of criticism’s management in pediatric nursing consultations

González-Martínez, Esther ; Zanini, Claudia

In: SociologieS, 2011, p. 1-13

Our research on the interactional organization of pediatric nursing consultations allowed us to identify a practice that consist in the nurse talking to that baby in order to criticize behavior of the mother. Mobilizing a multimodal conversational approach, this paper shows that the nurse and the mother subtly coordinate themselves to a sequential deployment of this practice that makes the...

Université de Fribourg

Passing-by 'Ca va?' checks in clinic corridors

González-Martínez, Esther ; Bangerter, Adrian ; Lê Van, Kim

In: Semiotica, 2017, vol. 215, p. 1-42

We have conducted a video-based field study on work interactions between staff members in the corridors of a hospital outpatient clinic in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. In this paper, we examine a specific mobile interactional configuration: passing-by interactions in which staff members get involved as they walk following close and parallel trajectories going in opposite...

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