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Weakening link to colorectal cancer ?

Barbier, Maryse ; Attoub, S. ; Calvez, Ronan ; Laffargue, Muriel ; Jarry, A. ; Mareel, M. ; Altruda, F. ; Gespach, C. ; Wu, D. ; Lu, B. ; Hirsch, E. ; Wymann, Matthias P.

In: Nature, 2001, vol. 413, p. 796

The catalytic α-subunit of the enzyme phosphatidylinositol-3-OH kinase (PI(3)Kα) relays signals from G- protein-coupled receptors at the cell membrane and mediates leukocyte responses to chemokines and chemoattractants1, 2, ³. Sasaki et al.⁴ report that mice that cannot produce PI(3)Kα have a high incidence of colorectal carcinomas, causing weight loss and...

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1 Barbier, Marie-Anne