Università della Svizzera italiana

Communication and management : Researching corporate communication and knowledge communication in organizational settings

Lurati, Francesco ; Eppler, Martin J.

In: Studies in communication sciences, 2006, vol. 6, no. 2, p. 75-98

This article describes two areas of research in the field of communication within the context of organizations: corporate communication and knowledge communication. In the first part of the article it is argued that there is a clear distinction between strategic and tactical communication and it is shown that very often these two domains are confused. Then the theoretical backgrounds of each...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Communicating CSR : the practice in the top 300 companies in Switzerland

Birth, Gregory ; Illia, Laura ; Lurati, Francesco ; Zamparini, Alessandra

This paper documents the empirical results of a field study conducted among top Swiss companies. The survey investigates their practices in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communication as well as their opinions about how favorable the Swiss context is for this kind of communication. Results show CSR communication in Switzerland as a practice in evolution, still needing expertise. In this...