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Actualising Bergson's lesson: a post-post-modernist perspective

Colombo, Gianluca

In: Journal of Management & Governance, 2009, vol. 13, no. 3, p. 261-267

Università della Svizzera italiana

Simulating dynamic capabilities and value creation in family firms : Is paternalism an ‘asset’ or ‘liability’?

Chirico, Francesco ; Nordqvist, Mattias ; Colombo, Gianluca ; Mollona, Edoardo

In: Family business review, 2012, vol. 25, no. 3, p. 318-338

The authors conduct a simulation study using system dynamics methods to interpret how and when paternalism affects dynamic capabilities (DCs) and by association value creation in family firms. Their simulation experiments suggest that the effect of paternalism on DCs and value creation varies over time. Initially, increasing levels of family social capital and low levels of paternalism are...

Università della Svizzera italiana

From context to system and back : how systems emerge from actors cognitive and social interactions : a system dynamics perspective

Colombo, Gianluca ; Mollona, Edoardo

In this paper, the system is viewed as a construction based on the actors’ cognitive and social interactions. The system is the result of multiple – actor sense making (Weick 1995), but at the same time it orients social sense making. In this process each actor’s point of view is a representation of both the system and the context perceived as pertinent by the actor. In other words, the...

Università della Svizzera italiana

La pensée et la parole : conversation, logique et rhétorique du management stratégique

Colombo, Gianluca ; La Rocca, Santa

La relation entre pensée et action stratégique a fait l’objet de plusieurs contributions dans le domaine de la stratégie et de l’organisation (Mintzberg 1990,1991 et 1996, Quinn 1980, Martinet 1993). D’autres articles (Morin 1989 e 1991, Le Moigne 1987 e 1995, Avenier 1992 e 1997, Martinet 1990, Colombo 1991) formulent le projet épistémologique de questionner la formation de la...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Thinking of a sub-field of strategic thinking from a pluralistic approach to knowledge-invention

La Rocca, Santa ; Colombo, Gianluca

This article elaborates on the need for a sub-field of ‘Strategic Thinking’ as the science exploring the hidden side of strategy emergence. The site of our exploration is the discourse. We will investigate the intersystemic link between self-reflection and communication embedded in discourses among strategists for paradigm deconstruction and reconstruction. The rationale for a sub-field of...