Università della Svizzera italiana

An empirical analysis of habit and addiction to antibiotics

Filippini, Massimo ; Masiero, Giuliano

In: Empirical economics, 2012, vol. 42, no. 2, p. 471-486

Because of bacterial resistance, current antibiotic consumption is reinforced by past use, and future utility is lower. The purpose of this article is to provide evidence on habit and addictive behavior toward antibiotics by exploring variations in the average consumption of antibiotics across 20 Italian regions. Using a balanced panel data set (2000–2009), we estimate myopic and rational...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Estimating dynamic consumption of antibiotics using panel data : the shadow effect of bacterial resistance

Filippini, Massimo ; Laura Guadalupe Gonzales Ortiz ; Masiero, Giuliano

To some extent, antibiotics are similar to addictive goods, since current consumption is reinforced by past use because of bacterial resistance, which represents a growing concern in many countries. The purpose of this paper is to explore how consumers adjust their current level of antibiotic consumption towards desired levels over time. We construct a balanced panel dataset (2000-2007) for 20...