Université de Neuchâtel

A dynamically configurable environment for high performance computing

Abdennadher, Nabil ; Babin, Gilbert ; Kropf, Peter ; Kuonen, Pierre

In: Advanced Simulation Technologies Conference (ASTC), 2000, p. 236-241

Current tools available for high performance computing require that all the computing nodes used in a parallel execution be known in advance: the execution environment must know where the different "chunks" of programs will be executed, and each computer involved in the execution must be properly configured. In this paper, we describe how the Web Operating System (WOS™) environment may be used...

Université de Neuchâtel

Resource Warehouses; a Distributed Information Warehouse Infrastructure

Khoury, Simon ; Kropf, Peter ; Babin, Gilbert

In: Advanced Simulation Technologies Conference (ASTC), 2002, p. 239-244

This paper presents work related to the design of distributed systems, which is useful for emerging Internet applications. We propose algorithms for searching and managing distributed information about resources and services using locally available warehouses. The concept of warehouses has been introduced in the Web Operating System (WOS) (Kropf 1999). Warehouses have the ability to decide which...