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Université de Neuchâtel

Problèmes posés par la traduction français-italien des connecteurs de fait et en fait

Rossari, Corinne

In: Actes du XXème Congrès International de Linguistique et Philologie Romanes, 1993, vol. 2, no. 2, p. 69-80

Université de Neuchâtel

Eukaryotic plankton diversity in the sunlit ocean

de Vargas, Colomban ; Audic, Stéphane ; Henry, Nicolas ; Decelle, Johan ; Mahé, Frédéric ; Logares, Ramiro ; Lara, Enrique ; Berney, Cédric ; Le Bescot, Noan ; Probert, Ian ; Carmichael, Margaux ; Poulain, Julie ; Romac, Sarah ; Colin, Sébastien ; Aury, Jean-Marc ; Bittner, Lucie ; Chaffron, Samuel ; Dunthorn, Micah ; Engelen, Stefan ; Flegontova, Olga ; Guidi, Lionel ; Horák, Aleš ; Jaillon, Olivier ; Lima-Mendez, Gipsi ; Lukeš, Julius ; Malviya, Shruti ; Morard, Raphael ; Mulot, Matthieu ; Scalco, Eleonora ; Siano, Raffaele ; Vincent, Flora ; Zingone, Adriana ; Dimier, Céline ; Picheral, Marc ; Searson, Sarah ; Kandels-Lewis, Stefanie ; Acinas, Silvia G ; Bork, Peer ; Bowler, Chris ; Gorsky, Gabriel ; Grimsley, Nigel ; Hingamp, Pascal ; Iudicone, Daniele ; Not, Fabrice ; Ogata, Hiroyuki ; Pesant, Stephane ; Raes, Jeroen ; Sieracki, Michael E ; Speich, Sabrina ; Stemmann, Lars ; Sunagawa, Shinichi ; Weissenbach, Jean ; Wincker, Patrick ; Karsenti, Eric

In: Science, 2015/348/6237/1261605-1/11

Marine plankton support global biological and geochemical processes. Surveys of their biodiversity have hitherto been geographically restricted and have not accounted for the full range of plankton size.We assessed eukaryotic diversity from 334 size-fractionated photic-zone plankton communities collected across tropical and temperate oceans during the circumglobal Tara Oceans expedition.We...

Université de Neuchâtel

From Environmental Sequences to Morphology: Observation and Characterisation of a Paulinellid Testate Amoeba (Micropyxidiella edaphonis gen. nov. sp. nov. Euglyphida, Paulinellidae) from Soil using Fluorescent in situ Hybridization

Tarnawski, Sonia-Estelle ; Lara, Enrique

In: Protist, 2015, vol. 166, no. 2, p. 264-270

High microbial diversity is revealed by environmental DNA surveys. However, nothing is known about the morphology and function of these potentially new organisms. In the course of an environmental soil diversity study, we found for the first time environmental sequences that reveal the presence of Paulinellidae (a mostly marine and marginally freshwater family of euglyphid testate amoebae) in...

Université de Neuchâtel

Sphenoderiidae (fam. nov.), a New Clade of Euglyphid Testate Amoebae Characterized by Small, Round Scales Surrounding the Aperture

Chatelain, Auriel P ; Meisterfeld, Ralf ; Roussel-Delif, Ludovic ; Lara, Enrique

In: Protist, 2013, vol. 164, no. 6, p. 782-792

Euglyphid testate amoebae are a highly conspicuous group of Cercozoa whose systematics is based mainly on the shape and ultrastructure of the shell. However, only a couple of species have been studied with molecular methods. As a consequence, there are still some genera whose classification remains uncertain. Amongst those are Sphenoderia and Trachelocorythion, two genera with...

Université de Neuchâtel

Binary upscaling on complex heterogeneities : The role of geometry and connectivity

Oriani, Fabio ; Renard, Philippe

In: Advances in Water Resources, 2014, vol. 64, p. 47-61

The equivalent conductivity (Keq) of a binary medium is known to vary with the proportion of the two phases, but it also depends on the geometry and topology of the inclusions. In this paper, we analyze the role of connectivity and shape of the connected components through a correlation study between Keq and two topological and geometrical indicators: the Euler...

Université de Neuchâtel

Simulation of rainfall time series from different climatic regions using the direct sampling technique

Oriani, Fabio ; Straubhaar, Julien ; Renard, Philippe ; Mariethoz, Grégoire

In: Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 2014, vol. 18, p. 3015-3031

The direct sampling technique, belonging to the family of multiple-point statistics, is proposed as a nonparametric alternative to the classical autoregressive and Markovchain-based models for daily rainfall time-series simulation. The algorithm makes use of the patterns contained inside the training image (the past rainfall record) to reproduce the complexity of the signal without inferring its...